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“Wait a minute!” you may be thinking. Childbirth is scary with lots of drama and pain! How could it possibly be “smart” and “sexy”?  That’s just crazy, right?


Wrong. Let’s look at some facts about a woman’s body that enables her and for most women, to have a baby in the first place.


After a woman conceives through the old fashioned way (sex) or by Invetro fertilization (IVF), the embryo implants on the uterine wall and begins to grow. It is totally in the “hands” of human chemistry and physiology that this pregnancy begins to develop and maintained by the body while influenced by the mother’s:

  •  Diet
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Stress level

 These are external factors contributing to baby’s health, growth, and development. Yet what is truly remarkable is the human body’s ability to nurture this baby’s growth without conscious effort from the mother.


Yes, there are symptoms of pregnancy; nausea, heartburn, stuffy nose, swelling in the feet, weird dreams, tiredness, weight gain, groin pressure, back aches, shortness of breath, and so on. These common complaints reflect the body’s “behind the scenes” work in shifting internal physiological functions to accommodate a growing and expanding baby.


If you think about the process of digestion the human body knows how to digest any meal you’ve eaten. It even knows how to break down its nutritional content to disperse to internal organs, muscles, tissues, and cells to nurture their health and maintain function resulting in a healthy human being.


So. If a human body knows how to break down contents to disperse nutrients through innate chemical processes using hormones and enzymes, and knows how to BUILD a baby, what makes anyone think it can’t birth a baby? It can.


 What’s smart about childbirth is your body because it knows how, what, and even when to birth– on its terms, not your motional terms.


Now, along with this is the body’s ability to block pain and create comfort. There are chemical processes in place that do this. Endorphins are the body’s innate pain killers. As the labor progresses and you become more physically challenged with contractions, endorphins buffer your discomfort. Much like the “runner’s high” that athletes experience.


Another smart element of childbirth is you and your ability to choose how to respond to labor emotionally. This area is not usually focused on, nor are you encouraged to tap into your amazing embedded birthing abilities. Instead you are taught through opinions and advise from others that they know better than you on how to birth a baby and are more knowledgeable too about it. For example, your doctor or friends who had an epidural and think you’re crazy if you want an unmediated birth.


This is unfair because it robs you of an opportunity (if you listen and follow their directions) to experience the birth of your baby the way you want to.


Here are a few internal birthing “talents”:


  • Innate determination and strength developed from prior challenges and successes
  • Instincts
  • Listening to body signals
  • Coping skills
  • The ability to choose and change what you think or feel
  • Self-love

 When you make decisions based on what you want, not what others want, you will instantly increase the quality of your anticipated birth experience.


Making love with someone you love deeply is a special and meaningful event. Many times a romantic atmosphere is created to set the tone and to stimulate amorous activity. But what’s happening physiologically?


During intimacy levels of oxytocin also known as the “love” hormone rises and creates those feel good sensations – orgasms.  During the labor process and birth oxytocin levels rise and generate contractions to occur and is also innately responsible for feeling good while bonding with baby after the birth.


Having a baby is an extension of a loving relationship between two people – and even if you’re a single mom, birth can still be smart and sexy!


By learning about how miraculous your body and mind is,  understanding your body’s programmed physiology for birth, how you can manage your labor by using your body’s talents and learning how emotions affect the labor process, you can have an incredible birth experience.


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