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I have traveled quite extensively and every time I visit a new country I always look to find local, natural medicines and remedies that I might need to use while abroad or can bring home to my family. In Nepal, for instance, I had all manner of incense available to buy and bring home. In India, I visited Ayurvedic stores in New Delhi looking for anything to…


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Children-Friendly Jobs Moms Can Take On

As a mom, caring for your family can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. However, it not only requires you to sacrifice some of your own wants, it also makes doing certain things impractical – like keeping a job that demands working up to 40 hours a week – especially when you have little kids that need lots of attention. This would mean having to leave your kids in the care of a nanny or leaving them at a nursery.

The good news is that it is possible to be a full-time mom and still enjoy the satisfaction that comes from having a sustainable career. There are jobs that offer the flexibility of working from home (or from any remote location) and at your own convenience. You can be there for your kids when they need you, avoid the high cost that comes with sending them to a nursery, while also making some reasonable earnings.

Online teaching

Teaching online is a flexible and stress-free way to earn money from home and be able to give your kids the time they need. Some online employers provide training on the subject matter you will be handling while others will request experience and other qualifications for the role.


Catering is a lucrative and family-friendly business opportunity. It is something you can get into with your partner, and the kids can even help you out in any capacity they can.


Becoming a writer is a good way to channel your creative energy by providing high-quality guest posts, web content and copy for websites and businesses. You can also have your own blog. These are highly convenient ways of earning while at home, providing you with the flexibility you need, especially as a freelance writer.

Bloggers are also increasingly prevalent, since solid content is all the rave on social media and search engine algorithms. Mom bloggers have gotten quite popular on the web. Although the starting pay is virtually non-existent, there is a lot of joy to be found in connecting with fellow moms and sharing your experiences and knowledge that could benefit others.

Non-phone customer service

Organisations recognise the importance of customer feedback and improved customer service. More and more companies have made provisions for customer support through chat – including on social media and on their business website, in addition to a phone-based service. While some customer service jobs that can be done at home are phone-based and require a conducive home office, applying for chat-based customer service jobs are even more convenient for moms since you don’t need to lock yourself away in your home office to avoid getting interrupted by your kids during a phone conversation.

Music tutor

Lots of parents would like their kids to learn how to play a musical instrument or learn to sing. If you are skilled with an instrument, or voice training and singing, you can share your knowledge with children, teens, and adults alike, all in the comfort of your home and while earning a reasonable income. Teaching music can be a rewarding and flexible gig that you will enjoy.

Social media specialist

Many moms are already quite active on social media, making posts about their kids and their experiences. Why not make some money out of it? You could create content for the social media sites of suitable companies or you could work as a social media evaluator, checking content and ads for relevancy.

Marketing specialist

As a marketer, you will be working to promote brands, products or services. Marketing positions can come in various forms including SEO specialist, marketing coordinator, copywriter, and content strategist. It is quite a flexible job that will give you family time and provides good pay too.

Website testing and search evaluation

Website testing and search evaluation are two stay-home jobs you can undertake in your spare time – although monthly or weekly minimums may apply so you have to find a way to get organised and put aside enough work time. Although these jobs are not the highest paying among other at-home gigs, they still provide a reasonable income.

Search evaluators have the responsibility of looking at search engine results and ranking them according to their relevance and quality.

Web testing is a fun activity to undertake. Although the job might not be so steady, and you would be required to make audio recordings – which mean that a quiet home office is something you’d need, it is still an interesting and flexible job opportunity. You will be able to focus and put in good work when your kids are taking a nap or after they have gone to bed.

Handwriting analyst

A handwriting analyst analyses the physical characteristics and patterns of handwriting to discover the psychological state and personality characteristics of the writer. It is a rather interesting job where you will learn a lot about human psychology – a useful thing for a mom.

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