A ring is not just a symbolic thing but a very personal gift. It is supposed to mirror the attributes and preferences of the person you are buying for. But let’s face it; choosing a ring for your man is not a simple ride. Some men will make do with a simple piece with no added accessories. For some, a wedding band is adequate and they will be at home with the holistic simplicity. But another lot will go for jewels that make a bold fashion statement. They will want every accessory on them to match with their ring. You have to plan before you just pop into a store and pick a ring that will not be perfect for your man.

To save you the trouble of having to choose a ring that will make your man frown, here are factors to consider;

Getting the size right 

There is no a graver mistake than choosing a ring that will not fit. It sends the message that you know very little about your guy. Yes, there are those you can resize but the damage will be done by then. It would be worse if you bought a titanium ring because you cannot resize it easily. If you want to get the size right, refer to a ring he already has or take it to a jeweler to determine the size.

Choose right for the occasion 

You will not choose any ring for your man’s day. You have to choose something that resonates with the occasion. A piece that will do for a wedding may not be suitable for an anniversary. For instance, a ring for birthday should be pleasant and with an extravagant taste. Sometimes birthday rings should be based on religion or specific culture of your beau. On the other hand, an anniversary ring should be both meaningful and symbolic while when choosing mens wedding rings you have to get them involved in the process. 

Appeal to his occupation and personality

Personal taste is weightier than the amount you spend on it. Pick a ring that will be in sync with his likes. Make sure that you consider his line of work as you pick the ring. If he works in an office, something subtle will be a perfect match. For those who work for instance in construction then something comfortable will be the best choice. 

Quick tips for choosing men’s rings 

· Soft round edges are best for comfort. They feel like part of the finger and that is an attribute every man would want.

· Spend within your pocket means. As they say, “not all glitters is gold”. Paying more on your man’s ring will not make it perfect. There are affordable rings out there and will be appreciated by your guy.

· Go out for shopping with your guy to get everything right. He will help you make the choice.

· Nothing is perfect, as long as a ring suits his preferences then you are have impressed him. 

Do not just pick a ring for your man; choose something that he will cherish. Now you know what it takes to pick the best ring. Go out shopping and bring back a piece to be treasured. 


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