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Choosing Poor Behavior out of Habit

Have you been thinking about changing some habits but just can't seem to get started or when you start you can't stick to the new routines? Are you feeling like these are just things you are going to have to live with? I have been there and I can say that with some focus and mindful choices all is not lost.

Choosing poor behavior out of habit becomes natural because once you have been doing something for so long your mind plays tricks on you that suggest there is nothing wrong. But there is something very wrong when your habits cause you physical and emotional pain. 

Here are some things to consider next time you are steering down the path that hasn't been working for you:

  • Constantly late: trick your mind by setting your clock/watch five to ten minutes in advance. Prep the night before so your AM runs a bit smoother.
  • Escalating a disagreement: you are already agitated, no one is really listening to reason, why not just agree to revisit the matter at another time? Why cause yourself stress and discomfort when you can take some time to recharge and try again?
  • Harsh punishment for a simple crime: as parents sometimes we are so heated and in the moment that we set punishments that really don't fit the crimes. We actually end up punishing ourselves in the mix and become resentful in the long wrong. When our kids have broken the rules, how about we sleep on the events and drop the punishment the next day?
  • Bringing up past mistakes: this is always the go to for many couples. Pointing the finger and making statements with words such as "you always", "you never", "I'm tired". If you can honestly say that choosing this road has worked, I applaud you and I'd like you to share your secret. If you are like me and most of us then I would suggest you try as I have learned to, steer clear of the above option and respectfully address matters strictly coming from your perspective. Expressing how you feel and what you want to see accomplished, not focusing on the other person and placing blame.

These are just a few examples I myself have had to navigate through and truth be told once I put the focus on myself and not the other person, the outcomes were much better and the resolutions came much quicker.

Choosing poor behavior out of habit doesn't allow us to grow and build with other people. It keeps us isolated and in pain. 

Today go out and choose to become a better you, baby steps one decision at a time.

Tell me what is your worst habit? What do you do that serves no purpose and blocks your growth? Mine is interrupting when in a deep discussion. Still working on that one heavy! Share your experiences with me.

Always stress-free xo,


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