Choosing the Perfect Flower Girl Dresses for your Mini Bride and Flower Girls

Are you having a mini bride on your grand day? If the bridesmaids have a maid of honor, flower girls do also have a mini bride. Mini bride is also considered a flower girl meanwhile she is usually someone who is very close to the bride. She could be a daughter or a niece.

You may think that children are just so noisy and it would be best to have them stay with someone else while the wedding is ongoing meanwhile children could be disciplined and you can have them be part of the entourage. They are blessings and they symbolize the bride’s innocence when she was a child.

Here are some considerations on how to choose the best flower girl dresses for these little princesses.

  • Color Motif

Normally, weddings have a color motif and this could be the basis of the color for the flower girl dresses, other dresses, and accessories. It could be that the flower girls, holding the basket of red and white petals, are wearing dresses with the same color as the motif; while the mini bride, holding a little bouquet is dressed with an ivory flower girl dress. Meanwhile, for most weddings, the flower girls and mini brides are usually wearing ivory or white flower girl dresses, which would be the same color as the wedding dress. The color is actually up to the bride.

  • Design

These little princesses usually vary from age as well as height hence as a bride, design needs to be taken into consideration. The design of a dress should be something that looks good or attractive to all of them, of which the little girls are not supposed to be too big to look at nor too small to look at. If you want a dress with some embellishments, you may choose lace flower girl dresses of which they are not too blingy and shiny or if not, flower girl dresses with small beads will also look lovely. You may also consider buying flower girl dresses that are plain then, have them wear customized sashes or belts. With plain dresses, it would also be easier to find accessories, such as tiaras, earrings or other pieces of jewelry that will go well with the outfit.

  • Religion

Religion is also a top consideration, sometimes a couple is debating about. For some religious couples, it would not be a problem. This will make it easier for them to set requirements for the dresses to be worn during the big day. Flower girls are too young hence as they represent the innocence of the bride when she was a child, the couple would prefer dresses that would be decent to look at.

  • Season

While the couple is planning ahead of time as to where the celebration will be held, who to invite, what kind of wedding would it be, and how will be the preparations be, the very first question the couple may be answering would be when will the wedding be. Would it be on a summer season or a winter season? This would also answer what kind of dresses will be worn during the big day, whether it be a warm and long dress or the other way around. Children are very sensitive to weather changes and so this will be a top priority too when choosing the perfect dresses for these lovely and cute little angels. The season will also determine what decors can be used such as the wedding flowers, which are very lovely during the Spring season.

  • How Comfortable the Dress is

As flower girls are too young, some of them have very sensitive skin and are prone to skin allergies. These skin allergies could be either caused by weather, garments and even soap. With that being said, when choosing the perfect flower girl dress, it is very important to assess how comfortable the little princess is, especially when trying on the dress. If the child does not complain about itchiness, then it would be a good indication. Meanwhile, if there is no chance of trying on the dress before buying, like those that are being purchased online, moms should make sure to buy the dress that is made of the fabric where she has no history of allergic reactions. Dresses made from chiffon and cotton are normally hypoallergenic of which most children’s clothes are made from these types of fabric. On the other hand, as mentioned above, knowing the season or weather as to when or where the wedding is, is very important. Some children may need to have their dresses be with long sleeves as when it would be windy, they develop skin rashes with sleeveless dresses.

  • Length

Flower girl dresses can either be short or long. Short dresses would include the ones that are mini length and knee length. The advantage of wearing short dresses would be safety especially for children who cannot keep still as to where they are seated. These short dresses would allow the children to move freely and there is no tendency of stepping on their dresses that may cause them to small accidents. Meanwhile, long dresses would include tea-length, floor length and the ones with trains. Tea-length dresses and floor-length dresses are also recommended. Aside from its advantage regarding safety, these longer styles would be warm, especially when worn with a petticoat. Walking down the aisle with these longer dresses also looks better to look at as princesses. Dresses with trains, however, are also good to look at as they really look like little brides meanwhile it may not be that safe as they can step on the dress train.

There may be a lot more to keep in mind meanwhile those are usually the top considerations one has to think about when choosing the perfect dresses especially for flower girl dresses. For a bridal party with more than two flower girls, it may be harder for the bride to bear in mind all of the above considerations as each girl may have her own requirements hence, it would still be best to meet the mothers of the little girls to discuss which would be the most suitable and the perfect dress for all the princesses.

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