With our teacher Mithu apa, in the Boldha Garden

Enjoying lunch near the pond at Boldha Garden

With my best friend Masuma

In the Boldha garden

At the Buriganga Bridge

In the Lalbagh Kella

In the Lalbagh Kella

 I like to see different places. I wanted to travel to different places. But my parent didn't have that much time or didn't think this is important for me. During school (Matijhil Govt Girls High School) days, I was thinking about how to arrange a tour of the city so that I can see some places. I have discussed it with my best friend Masuma. Then, we thought if we could take a teacher with us to travel, parents won't have any problem with this tour.

On those days a new teacher came to our school from Khulna (A district of Bangladesh). We call her Mithu Apa. I have taken private tuition from her for Bangla grammar. I felt she likes me, so I have decided to ask her. She was new in the city so she agreed to go on this tour.

In the beginning, we decided to go, 4/5 girls. Then we realize if we can take more people then per head cost will be reduced. We also need cars to travel. So, if any girl can provide the car, we can give the gas cost and that can save the car rental cost. So, I have asked all girls in the class to join us. Many of them agreed and 2 girls ready to provide their parent's car.

As I told you the teacher was new in the city so she wanted some more guide for this tour. Masuma's mom agrees to go with us. Mithu APA asked, if any boys give trouble to any girl, what she will do. I steal remember Masuma's mom's reply, "How many teeth that boy has in his mouth?" Our teacher felt relief. She said, "you (Masuma's mom) have to come with us, then I will go with the girls". I must say, in those days, the city environment was much better. Nobody disturbed us.

The teacher and moms decided that our teacher will do the grocery shopping and she will cook the chicken biriyani for lunch. I can remember she cooks great. Biriyani was very tasty. We all enjoyed that in the Boldha garden. Where we took the lunch. When Mithu apa was serving food on our plate she asked me, "do you anything extra". I replied, I like potatoes. She gave me some extra potatoes.

We had visited Buriganga bridge (That was newly built) and Lalbagh Kella too. We also go the Ahsan Manjil, but due to construction work (To open to visitors), it was close.

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