Clever Ways to Make Sure a Loved One Take All Their Medicine

As our loved ones age, they often need us to help manage their health. Whether you become a caregiver full-time or you just check in on grandma at the end of the day, it can be hard work, especially when it comes to making sure your loved ones take their medication like they should.

You don’t have to depend on grandma to take those medications on her own. There is plenty you can do to make sure she takes her pills on time.

    1. Make Sure It's Affordable

There’s no denying that prescription medication can be extremely expensive. For many seniors, the cost is enough reason to stop picking up their prescription at the pharmacy altogether.

Make sure your loved one continues to take her medication by looking for ways to make it cheaper. One way to do that is to search online coupons for discounts. Sites like SingleCare offer heavy discounts on common prescriptions so grandma can’t use cost as an excuse for why she isn’t taking her medicine like she should.

    1. Medication Reminders

Even the most well-intentioned seniors can forget to take their medication. One of the easiest and best ways you can help is to set your loved one up with the right reminder.

You have many options that include:

  • Calling every day and simply asking them over the phone
  • Helping them set up pill boxes
  • Setting alarms on special watches or cell phones as a reminder
  • Purchasing a digital medication dispenser that dispenses the right meds at the right times
  • Downloading an app that can help them keep track of their medications
    1. Medication Rewards

It can be hard enough to get grandma to remember to take her pills, let alone if she doesn’t want to take them in the first place!

Some medication can have nasty side effects, which can cause your loved one to turn down the medication. Those pills will be much easier to swallow if they’re followed by some kind of reward.

Work together with your loved one to come up with something that will motivate them to take their pills. It could be something as simple as a bowl of ice cream, but having that reward waiting for them can make taking those pills much easier.

    1. Talk With Their Pharmacist

Your pharmacist does a lot more than just fill pill bottles all day. They can really help you manage your loved one’s medication. You just have to know how they can help.

A pharmacist can eliminate medications that aren’t necessary, make large pills easier to swallow, and they can suggest non-prescription alternatives and supplements that can boost grandma’s health. They may even be able to provide you with more tips on getting your loved one to take her medication on time!

Making sure grandma takes her medicine like she should can be a challenge at first, but by following these tips, you can rest easy at night knowing your loved one is taking her pills as prescribed.


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