Good Morning! It's a bit wet out here in NYC this weather has truly been up and down. Spring I can't wait to see you. I attended another of my Sister Circles last night and the theme was love. How we give it and how we receive it and what we all realized was that we are much better at giving than receiving. As if someone loving us for who we are and what we have to offer is unthinkable. We all learned it's because we tend to not forgive ourselves for past transgressions whether we committed them or they were committed to us. 

That got me thinking this morning about what can be done to begin to heal and get on the right path. These were my thoughts...

A cluttered mind neither Produces nor Inspires
Never embraces only chips Away
Always doubts Never heals.

A cluttered mind laughs at Hope, steals away Faith and thrives on Worry.
It grows with every second of tightness in our hearts.

A cluttered mind is Wasted energy and Devalues our time. It Blocks our Potential for greatness.

Today, let's put forth the effort to get started cleaning house.

This is a Mantra I recite to myself when I have moments that life's noise just becomes too much. I learned it over four years ago and it's become a good friend. 

May I be Happy

May I be Healthy

May I be Peaceful

May I live with Ease 

What or where do you turn to when the World's noise becomes too much?  

Always stress-free xo,


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