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Your skin protects the inner body from many external threats. Such elements include sunlight, sweat, infection, and chemicals. Some of these elements are the main causes of common skin problems. Is your skin covered in rashes, strange spots or breakouts? You do not have to worry about that anymore. Take a look at these common skin problems and their solutions.


You may think that acne is only a teenager’s curse. However, in the last ten years, the average age of people affected by acne has increased from 20.5 years to 26.5 years. Many factors can cause acne even after adolescence. Some include stress, diet, and, medications. Acne results when the sebaceous glands produce excess oil. As a result, the follicles become clogged causing breakouts on your skin. There are many ways to rid your skin of acne.

Your diet plays an essential role in reducing acne. Consume less fatty foods to reduce any chances of breakouts. Using Benzoyl peroxide is also another common treatment for acne. It is an antiseptic that has an anti-inflammatory effect.

2.Sun burns

A sunburn results when the skin is exposed to UV radiation for long hours. They make your skin red and painful. It may take up to 24 hours for the sunburn to appear on your skin.

During sunny days, do not go outside between 10 am to 3 pm because that is when the sun rays are more intense. If you have to go out, try some prevention measures like using sunscreen or wearing a hat. In case it is too late to prevent the sunburn, apply vitamin E directly on your skin to soothe the burn.


It is a condition that makes the skin inflamed and irritated. In case you have eczema, no matter how itchy it gets, do not scratch. It makes the skin prone to infections and also makes it swell, ooze, and scale. Eczema is mainly caused by stress, allergens, or dry climate.

You can treat this condition by applying moisturizer on your skin. Corticosteroids can also help rid your skin of eczema. In case the skin problem is too severe, consider using ultra-violet therapy. If your eczema is due to an allergic reaction, try using antihistamines to relieve the effects of the allergen. You can also get exercise and time to relax to relieve stress.


As you age, your skin gets thinner, drier and less elastic. Wrinkling, especially on the face is unavoidable. Long hours in the sun, extreme dieting, and smoking can fasten the wrinkling process on your skin. However, you can reduce the appearance of these folds and creases on your face.

Visit a qualified cosmetic dermatologist to get advice on the most suitable skin care products to rejuvenate your skin. You can also protect your skin from the sun using sunscreen. If you are a smoker, it is time to quit to get rid of wrinkles.

5.Athlete’s Foot

It is a common fungal infection that affects the skin between the toes of the bottom of the foot. It may cause an itchy blister or a dry scaling that does not itch. People who make use of public amenities like fitness centers and public showers can easily get athlete’s foot. If the problem is not treated, it may make the toenails to detach from the nail bed. It can also spread to the palms from itching the affected area.

You can treat athlete’s foot using anti-fungal medications. Always try as much as possible to wear socks, to make sure that your feet are dry. If you have to use public places like showers and locker rooms, always wear bathroom slippers.


In a nutshell, the skin serves a vital function of protecting the inner body. Always strive to keep your skin safe from harmful external elements like UV radiations, fungal infections, and chemicals. Acne, sunburns, eczema, wrinkles and athlete’s foot are some of the common skin problems that may affect you. The list should help you to know the best way to deal with skin problems in case something shrivels up. Start today to get healthy skin.

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