Coping with Kids in Quarantine – The Jonah Engler List of Practical Tips for Harassed Parents

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic that is raging all over the world is presenting severe challenges on many fronts. Normal work life is completely disrupted and the extended time away from work and loss of employment is creating a lot of stress for many people. Dealing with active kids at home can also prove to be very tiresome unless you have a strategy in place that keeps them as well as you from throwing fits. Some amazing and practical tips for dealing with young children at home during quarantine:

Keep Calm and Be Normal, Advises Jonah Engler

Even though everyone can figure out that COVID-19 has brought about a radical change in the way we conduct our lives, despite the uncertain times, we need to offer as much stability as possible to our kids. In this situation, they will look to adults around them to understand how they should respond to the prevailing conditions. Words and actions, especially by parents, will go a long way in providing the assurance they seek. Adults should endeavor to be aware of their own anxieties and beliefs that can act to prevent them from being objective and calm so that children around them can also remain emotionally peaceful and free of anxieties.

Establish a Schedule, Recommends Jonah Engler

With schools being shut due to the pandemic, learning can easily go for a toss if parents are not alive to the situation. You can remedy the lack of structured classroom learning by setting a timetable with specific start times and finish times for learning activities. It is also important for you to track their progress so that your kids can make the maximum progress and not lag when school resumes. If the process seems too complex, you can take the help of many web resources and learning apps. The routine does not have to remain restricted to the education process. You can set the schedule for their entire day, right from the time they need to rise from bed, engage in learning activities, play, eat, and bathe as well as watch TV and go off to sleep. According to, a structured routine and consistency can be a calming influence in times of uncertainty and worry.

Employ Techniques for Building Positivity, Suggests Jonah Engler

When it is not possible to step outside for days on end for fear of catching a deadly viral infection, it can get very depressing especially for active kids accustomed to playing outside for hours. It can be very easy for children to start suffering from depression. To prevent this from happening, you can make it a practice to repeat positive affirmative statements out aloud to your children and even encourage them to repeat them verbatim. This can result in cheerfulness and lifting of the spirits, especially when you ask your kids to frame out positive affirmations by themselves and also discuss why what they are saying is important. This exercise in inculcating a positive attitude in children can be extremely beneficial because they will not start doubting themselves or their ability to survive the pandemic.

Take Steps to Encourage Reading and Writing, Instructs Jonah Engler

Experienced teachers have often observed a decline in the ability of children to read and write during the long summer breaks and half-terms. The extended break from the normal school schedule due to the viral pandemic can mean that children may suffer quite a bit on this account, according to Jonah Engler. To prevent this from happening, parents can ask them to read every day and find out how well they have understood through a written report or a summary. You can also discuss what they have read, to ensure that their comprehension powers are up to the mark. While this is a very good opportunity for getting children attracted to reading, you also consider telling them to listen to audio books if that interests them more. There are plenty of reading and audio materials online so you do not have to worry even if you are not in a position to buy books or access a public lending library. The sessions can be made more interesting by asking the children to mention what new words they have learned and what they mean. 

Participate in Bonding Exercises, Prescribes Jonah Engler

Being cooped up together for an extended time does not have to be boring or even frustrating for both kids and their parents. Instead, you can look on it as a heaven-sent opportunity to get to know your children better, learn about their ambitions and apprehensions, and to bond with them. There is nothing special you have to do to ensure this, rather each activity can become fun if you put some thought and effort into it. For example, bath time for the young ones can be great fun as, during the soaping and shampooing, you can explain why hygiene is important. You can even jointly try to make a shampoo with common ingredients found readily at home. Explain how consuming certain fruits and vegetables can promote the growth of healthy hair and then go ahead and make a refreshing smoothie out of a few.


Most parents may not want to discuss the viral pandemic and its devastating effect on our world either because they think that their children will not be able to understand it or and it can make them unnecessarily anxious. However, considering that almost everyone is talking about the virus and the newspapers and TV programs are full of it, you can be pretty sure that your child would have some idea that things are not normal. While it can be useful to limit their exposure to TV and online media, it can help not to avoid the subject completely but instead ask them what they know and think about it. Based on their response, you can take the conversation forward by explaining what the world is going through in a way that does not alarm them. Make sure they know you understand what their apprehensions are and assure them that they do not have to face the situation alone. Be sure to be completely open and honest and encourage them to express their feelings and not harbor unnecessary fear or even feelings of guilt that somehow it is their fault.

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