Having quality and comfortable bedsheets and bedding items is a must for a night of good sleep. If they are wrinkly or are harsh to sleep on, the sheets will ruin your night’s sleep. 

Since we are on comfort bedding sets, do you often face confusion when purchasing bedding items? If so, the very first clarity should be to go for organic bedding sets rather than synthetic ones. Speaking of organic bedding, there is a variety of them in the market. What should be your final pick?

Most people often confuse between getting natural fiber bamboo sheets or organic cotton sheets. While these organic sheets seem identical externally, you can notice the difference in performance if you use them. So, in this guide, we will point out some fundamental differences between these two types of natural fiber sheets.

Bamboo Sheets

People have been using products made out of bamboo for a long time. But, making bamboo sheets by organically harvesting bamboo fiber is a more sustainable concept. The manufacturing process is also different than that of synthetic sheets. 

Bamboo sheets are more sustainable because it does not need any fertilizers, irrigation, or pesticides to grow. Bamboo fiber as a raw material is also eco-friendly. There are three different types of bamboo sheets in the market. These sheets are derived from the same bamboo fiber, and the only variation falls with their performance, weave, and feel. 

Common bamboo fiber weaves (bamboo linen) are Percale, Sateen, and Twill. Another variant is the bamboo rayon, categorized into modal, viscose, and lyocell. 

Cotton sheets

Cotton is the most common and popular choice for bedding sets. The main reason for its vast popularity and demand is its affordability and durability. However, you can now find a better alternative to cotton sheets with fine threads and weaves. The most comfortable cotton sheets come from Egyptian cotton or Pima cotton. Yes, different cotton plants provide different quality cotton types. 

High-quality cotton is known for its silky, soft, and long-lasting comfort. While Egyptian cotton costs a lot, regular cotton is pretty affordable but not durable. Percale, Jersey, Sateen, and Twill are standard weaves popular with cotton sheets. 

Points of difference between Bamboo sheets and Cotton sheets

There is a subtle difference between bamboo and cotton sheets. Both follow the same weave process to produce quality and variety of sheets. As natural materials, both are eco-friendly, yet there are a few points of difference. 


If you buy a whole bamboo bedding set, you can expect it to last for over five years providing that you take proper care of them. So, high-quality bamboo sheets are highly durable.

People love cotton sheets for their considerate durability. However, if they do not take proper care of it, they won’t last long. Moreover, the sheets tend to get softer with prolonged use. 


Bamboo fibers are very delicate yet durable. Most of the descriptions on bamboo sheets suggest machine washing and drying. If done correctly, routine wash won’t be an issue with its performance. 

People generally wash and dry cotton sheets on the machine itself. Following the instructions help a little in maintaining cotton sheets. But, after every wash, they get more supple and soft. 

Cooling factor 

As a natural fiber sheet, bamboo retains its natural and organic properties. That is why bamboo sheets are more breathable, resulting in relaxed and comfortable sleep. The moisture-wicking property helps balance the body temperature eliminating potential odor. 

Cotton sheets also hold the advantage of temperature neutrality. But, they tend to absorb more heat than bamboo since the thread count is higher. Even with a high thread count, you can find high-quality breathable cotton sheets at a high cost. 

Thread count 

Thread count is an excellent basis for determining the quality of organic sheets. Bamboo fibers are strong yet soft at the same time. Hence, thread count is not of much value for bamboo sheets. Even if the thread count is low, the sheets will be as soft as silk. 

For cotton sheets, thread count matters a lot. High-quality cotton linen tends to have a higher thread count but still is soft and smooth. Regardless, regular cotton falls behind bamboo bed linen in this matter.


You can easily find bamboo sheets in a price range of $50 to $250 and above. They are more expensive in comparison to cotton sheets. But, they are worth the money. 

The starting price of cotton sheets falls at $50, and depending on the type of cotton quality, the price varies. However, if you wish to get yourself an Egyptian cotton sheet, be prepared to spend about $500. 

Feel and comfort 

While fabric weave defines the softness of the sheets, bamboo fibers are already soft and smooth. You can get a high level of comfort sleeping on bamboo sheets. 

Different types of cotton and weave processes change the feel of varying cotton sheets. For example, percale cotton sheets are a bit rough than most cotton sheets. 

While all these are the points of difference between bamboo and cotton sheets, consider the health factor. 

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