Last night I happened to glance at the evening news while making our dinner and I saw a story of a mother who saved coupons and literally spent less than three dollars a month on groceries. I grabbed my wine glass and moved closer to the television. This interested me. How does she do it? I was eager to learn as my grocery bills and our country's national debt are only separated by a few zeros. As her story progressed, and as the camera closed in on the cashier deducting her grand total, I begged to see what was in her cart! I shot a look back to my two grocery bags sitting on my kitchen island. Inside those two lousy bags were contents worth $65.13. And the bags weren't even heavy! How does one do two weeks of grocery shopping and spend a total of forty three cents and I can't get away from the store with a few lousy items, although very much needed items as you will soon see, for less than sixty bucks!

Well, they never showed the inside of her grocery cart, but they happily showed her doling out the change she owed. I walked over to my bags and looked inside. Where could I have saved money? Inside, I found a couple bottles of wine. Okay, well, I never see coupons for free wine so I wrote that off. As I looked further I grabbed my People Magazine. Again, I rarely, if ever see magazine coupons so I wrote that off as well. Hmmm....Skittles. Again, unless it's Halloween I don't see a "Buy Skittles Get Free Milk" coupon so I shoved those aside. The other couple of items in my bags I may have been able to save a few pennies but I certainly wasn't going to see any drastic reductions in my food bill unless I made some drastic choices.

So starting immediately, I am an avid coupon shopper. I am looking for any and all suggestions, advice and free wine coupons anyone wants to share. I know all of the usual stuff: don't buy something you wouldn't normally purchase just for the sake of the coupon, don't go to the store hungry and don't take teens with you. I will keep you updated on my weekly savings.

Goodbye People Magazine, hello reading it in the grocery line. I'm leaving right now for the grocery with my new attitude and good intentions to see what savings I can reap!

***Update: When going to the grocery store with coupons it is necessary to remember the coupons and not leave them on the kitchen counter. Total savings to date: Zero.

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