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We are so excited about the our new Tele Summit coming up September 8th, 9th & 10th...The most amazing people have agreed to talk to us and the variety is fantastic! Michael J. Gelb the author of the How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci was our first interview and I have to say within minutes I was totally mesmerized by this wonderful speaker and presenters. He even had a great story about being the opening act for the Rolling Stones as a juggler! He is followed by John Schaefer, who among other things was one of the original members of Robert Redford's Sundance project, is giving away a free app to anybody who hears his presentation and emails him with a request. Rounding out the Tuesday's presentations is the remarkable master teacher Sharon Promislow with a wonderful hour long video on her Quick Six Stress Fixes and I have to say they really work for mothers, teachers ,business people and really is a must watch program.

Wednesday we have the remarkable Jacob Liberman is very special and wise. Talking and listening to him is like being gently relaxed in some form of meditation without trying.My friend and colleague for over 20 years John Kremer is one of the world most influential book markers. He gave us some wonderful book marketing tips for our audience while we covered a wide range of subjects through the hour long interview. Then Kathleen O' Keefe Kanvos spoke at length on the meaning of dreams and what the steps to figuring them out are. She was entertaining and very interesting. I think everybody will enjoy her conversation. She gave us all so much to think about.

Thursday started out with the remarkable Denise Linn. There are no adjectives for this amazing woman.She taught us so much in just one hour and is one of my favorite people on this planet. Part of her story is that Denise is a major author, teacher and presenter around the world. She has dealt with dyslexia all of her life and still is able to communicate elegantly and clearly. You will enjoy this hour presentation very much. Following Denis's vibrant conversation we have a powerful educator Dr. Polly Palmer who gives some information on the Finnish School System and Dr. Kenneth Robinson along with her wonderful insights on her 40 years of experience in education. Finally I wrap up the tele summit with chaos, creativity and coincidence conversation that felt perfect as the ending to such a wonderful and powerful summit. This experience has changed my life in so many ways and I hope you have the chance to join us.

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