We first saw "creepy doll" for sale in a grocery store almost two years
ago. When my oldest daughter laid eyes on her it was love at first
sight. A doll just about as big and bald as she was that she could carry doesn't get much better than that.
I picked two of the dolls up to see which one she wanted since they had
different colored outfits and I was also holding Sydnie who was around
seven months at the time. My husband was standing nearby and started
talking to me when all the sudden he jumped and exclaimed "Whow! I
thought Sydnie was one of the dolls until she moved!" Thus it started,
creepy doll had made her grand appearance.

Since that day I don't know how many times I've gasped or done a double
take when creepy doll has been laying around. Sometimes my girls will be
dragging the doll off the table and I panic because I think it's
Payden. Or I'll be walking by and there she is sitting in a bouncy seat
just staring at me. The worst is after I put the girls to bed and there
is creepy doll still awake hanging on a bike like she's been riding it
while I was gone.

Just last week when my friend was visiting creepy doll made her way to a
hammock and was swinging quietly. My friend walked by and gasped "Oh, I
thought that was real!" I just smiled and explained how she has that
effect on people.

My husband and a volunteer who is living with us have taken to hiding
her in places to try and scare each other. Creepy doll has been hiding
in my closet or outside my door. We've had her sitting up in people's
beds or hiding behind flower pots or the best is waking up to seeing
creepy doll laying next to you just staring with those blue eyes and
fake lashes. She's really sneaky that creepy doll and you never know
where she'll pop up next.

I've thought about getting rid of her a few times since all she does is
scare me but my girls love her and Sydnie now carries her around and
even goes to bed with her. Best of all they even call her "creepy doll"
they have no idea what it means, they just think that's her name!

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