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Wow so these last two weeks have been soooo crazy! It all started with a braai on Friday 28th, OK I must admit it wasn't too rowdy but still went on a little late(ish)

Then at 9am on Saturday Andrew Ramsden(had to give surname as there are 2 Andrews) and Mel came over and we all met up with Candice, Ryan and little Kyla- Lee in Hillcrest and made the trek up to Pietermaritzburg to hit the Royal Show, which was pretty cool because (my) Andrew had never been before and the rest of us hadn't been there in ages, of course all the guys got caught at the remote controlled gadgets stand and we had to practically drag them away, Never fear as they got their revenge when the 3 of us girls got to the scrapbooking and crafts section- some REALLY cool things!
later that day the kids were entertained on the merry- go- round however I don't think Aidan was so impressed( maybe the fact that these pony's weren't responding to his excited kicks and jerking on them, he even resorted to stroking its fibreglass mane) but this naughty pony didn't do what Aidan was hoping for...

As for Sunday we were up at bout 4ish to get ready to go to Kloof to watch the Comrades Marathon, don't think Aidan was too impressed by waking up so early and then going to sit in the dark in nippy cold Kloof, but that too turned into a fun day...

However I didn't think the word fun would crop up on Monday, as Aidan had his MMR vaccine at around midday, Andrew even took half day to be with us!
Well anyway vaccine time came and went with a little niggle and tiny temp but nothing too serious, and Aidan seemed his usual self, well that was until about half past seven that evening... when he just got up and walked... I think seeing all the runners the previous day inspired him to get up and go! go! go!
He has been none stop ever since even throwing a tantrum in the middle of Pavilion to get out of his stroller to walk!

He is also cut is 14th tooth(top canine) with only 6 to go!! Thank heavens!
Talking about teeth uncle Sean came over on Wednesday and fixed his 2 chipped front teeth and they have been perfect and beautiful ever since! Thank you uncle Sean!

Now to wait on more FUN!!
Chow for Now...

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