Dating a Single Mom? Remember These Tips if You Wish to Continue Doing So

Remember These Tips If You Are Dating a Single Mom.

Dating a single mom comes with a specific set of challenges but if you’re not up to the task, you’re probably not right for her anyway. Single mothers are like all other women in many ways, except the ones that count most. These women have history, experience, compassion and a lot of grit for the game of life. If you are dating a single mom, and wish to continue doing so, take advantage of these few tips.

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask her out

So many singles miss out on the opportunity at the perfect date because they assume single women don’t have the time or can’t make it out during the ni... One thing you can count on is a single mom to make things happen and if she wants to date you, she’ll make it happen. Schedules are in place and chances are, she has a list of willing and qualified support to help her with the kids if she wants to go out for a few hours. It is best to not wait until the last minute to invite her out. Respect her life and dedication to her children by allowing her enough time to prepare if she accepts the invitation.

  1. Don’t feel bad if she hasn’t invited you over

Keep in mind that single moms must spend time preparing for a night out. But they must also prepare even more for a night in, especially when hosting a date. We as single moms are protective of our habitat and if we invite you in, consider it a special moment. If you haven’t been invited, it’s not that we don’t want to ask you over, we may not want to spend the time preparing for your visit. This time could be spent instead doing something else, like enjoying a movie or a play with you. Eventually, the invitation will come and when it does, just know that the timing is perfect for everyone involved.

  1. She’s not looking for a father for the kids

Single moms are not always in search of a father for their children. Of course, we want someone who will be a positive influence on the lives of our children. But in many cases, our kids have a father and don’t need another one. You may be surprised to find out that single moms choose partners to enhance the happiness she already experiences. She truly wants a partner that will shower her with attention and love with or without the children around. The strongest single moms started dating after they became comfortable with being single. Bitterness is not a part of their DNA. Most wish to have a solid relationship with a significant other, without the hassle of trying to teach him how to be a father for the kids.

  1. Don’t just call her but date her too!

Go back to the basics and do the little things that matter. Send her flowers, text her good morning, get the car washed and always, but always remember her favorites. Favorite dessert, favorite color, favorite drink and others are all little things about her that make her unique. The ability to recall these things or implement them into random acts of kindness shows just how much you care about her. Ask her out for ice cream, have lunch delivered to her desk just because. Little touches like these show her that you are interested in dating her and really appreciate the time and effort she puts into the relationship.

  1. Don’t push her

Follow her lead when it involves the kids or the pace of the relationship. Not every single mom has the same rule about meeting the kids. Some will introduce you when it feels right, others after a certain amount of time has passed and others may never know when or if you’ll ever meet the kids. These are all very common, as single parenting requires an Alpha level of protection that most moms have mastered. Allow her to set the pace for the relationship. She’ll let you know if advancement to the next level is an option. These things take time and can’t be forced. Attempting to do so can ruin any chance at a second date or successful relationship. Follow her lead in almost every scenario regarding her household or children. If she thinks it’s best to prolong you meeting the kids, there must be a good reason. She’s a protector by nature and could very well be protecting you also.

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