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The Five-Hour Rule: How Daily Reading Leads Us to Succeed

Reading is often thought of as a passive activity;a means to unwind or escape the monotony of daily life. But if you were to ask yourself whether reading every day was a catalyst for success, what do you think your answer might be? It might surprise you to learn that the world’s most successful people not only…

Celebrate Your Favorite Photo Memories With a Canvas Print Gift

We don't know about you but autumn is our favorite season of the year. And now that fall is in full swing you know what that means: the holidays are right around the corner! Now is the ideal time to think about gifts for families and friends while you still have time to put creative thought into them instead of rushing around…


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Dear 2nd Children: Your Parents Do Love You

Well hello there stranger, how did you get here?

Little Lee is 6 months old. 6 months, people! I have been rocking the "I just had a baby" excuse  like a champ... I'm pretty sure 6 months ago no longer qualifies as "just". Oops!


I remember when my Big Lee turned 6 months old. I dreaded that day for months (February 5, in case you are wondering. The date is still engraved in my mind.) because that day signified my sweet girl growing up. She was closer to 1 year than newborn. We took her little 6 month sticker pictures and I was teary-eyed the entire time.

Last Thursday I looked at Little Lee and realized 6 months of her life have passed by and she is virtually a stranger. I knew every. single. little. thing. my Big Lee did. Her favorite food (sweet potatoes), her dominant hand (left), her favorite toy (Violet), her favorite song (Violet name song)... everything! But Little Lee? I barely know the kid. Really. I love her wide open, gummy grin and the little shrieks she makes to get our attention but it seems to end there. One day I watched her and realized she could sit up on her own. I'm not sure when that happened. At some point she decided to drop one of her feedings... I had no idea. I mean most days she is lucky I remember to feed her (I'm kidding). (Kind of).  

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