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Dear Mario,

Where did the past 4 weeks go?  You’re my 3rd little boy but this is the first time that a little boy has entered my life and life just kept going.  You go along with it so nicely and are the most perfect addition to our family.  We were meant to be, little guy.  I know it.  I needed you and you needed me and it’s just so good having you here.  Ever since you’ve arrived, I keep thinking of this phrase:

Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!

It never meant anything to me until you came along.  That’s what I feel like I’ve been doing for 4 weeks.  Swimming.  and swimming… and swimming.  Life has been a whirlwind but I love it!  I love that you made us a ‘clan’; there’s no denying it.  And 1046… oh, 1046.  I can’t imagine what it looks like to outsiders.  Such a busy home full of noise and love and laughter and screaming and crying and a crazy dog barking; you aren’t phased by any of it.  Your big brothers and I started playing ‘The Silent Game’ during the day and that’s when I figure things out.  or try.  Like how to keep up with it all.  Friends, family, school, home, schedules, sports, hubby, dog, toddlers, baby; somethings gotta give.  And thankfully people understand.  I love to take care of you and I’m fine putting everything else on the back burner.

Baby boy, you make me feel like super-woman.

People thought you’d set me back, ‘throw me for a loop’ and keep us from going but you’re not.  Actually, its me that holds us back; I’m still recovering.  You’re good and we’re getting in our groove.  It’s happening!  The biggest challenge to date has been grocery shopping with 3 boys.  Guess what I do now?  I buy Lunchables.  Plastic containers filled with pre-cut cheese and pre-cut perfectly round pieces of turkey or ham and an Oreo cookie.  Well, I bought them twice since you’ve been born.  First time in 5 years and I tell ya, your brothers think we just discovered gold.  If you were my first little boy, I would have never bought Lunchables.  Ever.  Between breast-feeding and watching monkeys finagle themselves in the ‘car-cart’, I just didn’t (and don’t) care.  You’ll probably be eating Lunchables soon too.

I thought I should also mention that your brothers are soooo in love love looooooove with you.

So much that they like to give you all of their big boy germs from outside, from pre-school, from everything they touch (and they touch everything). Monkeys.  They’re monkeys, you see.  And they can’t wait to turn you into a monkey too!  Next Summer… you’ll be in the dead trees with them; I know it.

All their monkey germs gave you a runny nose though.  At 4 weeks old.  You and I had an all night Slumber Party while everyone else got their beauty sleep.  It was fun.  You’re so easy to stare at.  I kiss you every moment I get.

What a fun 4 weeks you’ve given us, baby boy.  You’re pretty darn awesome and we all just love you.  Your mama is loving the craziness, the nonstop ride, the ‘swimming’ and even the sleepless nights.  You’re totally worth it and I thank God every day for giving you to me… to us.

Love You little one,


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