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Dear Southwest Airlines, Wanna Get Away? Quite frankly, Yes. I Do! Here's why, and how you can help:

Dear Southwest Airlines, Wanna get away? Quite frankly, Yes. I Do! Here's why, and how you can help:

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O.K., here's the skinny. Growing up, my mom always told me—and yours probably told you the same—closed mouths don't get fed.  And, somewhere else along the way, I was told that the squeaky wheel gets the oil. It was probably shortly before learning that, I also learned you won’t know if you don't ask, and the only unanswered question is the one that's NOT asked. I think they all mean the same and you should know by now, where I'm headed. I have asked a lot of questions in life. I have made a lot of noise and I have rarely kept my mouth closed when it came down to something I was passionate about, be it anything from justification on a topic, to education on a subject, or the need for a vacation and necessity of rejuvenation.

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If no one has ever asked, suggested, or made the random, and outrageously radical request, allow me the pleasure to do so. First, give yourself a big fat pat on the back – kudos! This is when the balloons and confetti fall from the sky and music serenades you, for this being a first, at being asked for something so barbarous and preposterous. At the very least, get yourself a nice laugh—and then agree with me.

I am a Mother, Businesswoman, and one hell of an aunt, according to my nieces and nephews. I am the best daughter my mom and dad could ask for, even though I am simply the middle child who has a lot of issues with being the middle child. I am often told that it’s a good thing that I don’t look like what I am going through—whatever that means. I am sure that it must mean that people close to me recognize and know that I have been through, and I am still going through, a great deal of ish, and it’s a good thing that I can still wake up and put on a pretty face. Yea, that sounds a lot better than saying “you don’t look like ish” Ha! I made a funny. The irony is, I feel like everything that I am going through, and I WANNA GETAWAY!!

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For starters… well, never-mind. It would take too much time and focus to begin to explain, and that is a task nowadays. I’ll just summarize to say, I am a single mom, and have been since conception day. And I want to Get Away! Even if it’s for a DAY.

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HERE IS WHERE SOUTHWEST CAN HELP!  I would like to see your airline roll out a quarterly “Getaway for Single moms, who are either working or struggling to find employment, but can’t, solely due to circumstances out of their control. For now, I will call it: "Fast-Break for Moms, Time to Getaway" and I am making it easy for you to launch the program by selecting myself as the first-round draft pick for this excellent program. The program would consist of round trip airfare to four (4) working mothers, per quarter. Redeemable within 6-12 months from receiving the invitation. (to append to your SW Sweepstakes, and all rules would apply) It will be a Non- transferable, confirmed flight to and from destinations up to $450.00 value. They will receive priority boarding, champagne on flight and a fluffy southwest pillow, which reads: “South West, Fast Break for Moms”. In addition, they will receive unlimited peanuts on the flight, A Southwest Airline Swag bag and recognition while on board, during the flight announcements.

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This special, moms only incentive will be set up as a bracket. Each level, requiring qualifying material to justify their need to get away.

Screening for this program will begin with confirmation that this is a single, working mother, with one or more children- who makes conscious efforts to create a better life for herself, her children and her community- and demonstrates a real issue or need for getting away—in a 300-word or less essay. They must validate what their need is and why. They must detail what their vacation will be used for, from a girl’s trip, to a private retreat, rehabilitation or even a sabbatical.

This is nothing remotely similar to a traditional request, but so is nothing about my life. I seem to have broken the mold on tradition. I did everything I was supposed to do, as far as going to school, completing college, staying out of trouble, obtaining higher degrees of education, making contributions in the community as well as making a mark in the workforce in pursuing my career goals. However, I have learned that one angry person can take all of that away from you, and you can find yourself in a place contradictory to all the things you have worked so hard to achieve. Furthermore, creating unreasonable hardships, which you can reasonably conclude, would not have been a factor in your life ordinarily. It’s the classic plight of “why do bad/terrible things, happen to good people?”

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We want a break. We need a break. I NEED A BREAK! But even when we do have that time off, funds are often short and too scare to divvy up on a flight out of the stressful situations that we find ourselves in. A $450.00 voucher, which can be used to purchase a flight or go toward a flight will reduce the stress of finding a way to make it at least a possibility, to travel to a place to seek serenity.

Where would I go? I would go to Sedona, AZ. A desert town near Flagstaff that’s surrounded by red-rock buttes, steep canyon walls and pine forests. It’s noted for its mild climate and vibrant arts community. Why? Because it’s peaceful, and that’s all we ask for sometimes. Sedona also features spiritual vortexes for healing and transformation. The purpose of my trip, would be to find a way, to get back to being me.

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