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December "Wrap Up": Things You Should Know

We do hope you enjoyed your families this Thanksgiving and that you were able to put work aside, if only for one day. As we begin the 2009 home stretch we thought we'd "wrap up" some business on our end:

1. Butterfly's Marketplace Directory

We know how tempting it is to promote your business and to solicit new customers via Butterfly's Blog- truly we do. However, please resist the temptation by joining the Marketplace Directory to properly generate leads for your business, sales, or to solicit independent reps, as many of you have expressed interest in doing. We have extended the $99 rate (in the season of giving) so that you can use Butterfly as a means in which to flourish. The directory links directly back to your personal profile page which should act like your mini-site including: photos, text, links, contact information, bio and business overview. Email with further questions.

2. Butterfly's Mippin Phone Application

Get MyWorkButterfly on your mobile phone. All Butterfly blog posts are now available at your fingertips; become inspired and empowered on the go.

3. Butterfly Partners with Jos. A Bank

You asked for at-home opportunities from legitimate companies and we've delivered. Jos. A. Bank, a leading national men's apparel retailer, is recruiting moms who desire flex employment or who simply long for a means to contribute to their families finances.

4. Butterfly's December Mom Mentor

Watch Jennifer Griffin, mother of three and Fox New's Political Correspondent, share her unbelievable journey in raising her children in Jerusalem while reporting from the Gaza Strip. It's a story that you'd expect to see in theaters as Jennifer describes herself climbing barbed wire fences, wearing a flak jacket to protect her pregnant belly. We have just learned that Jennifer is undergoing chemotherapy to treat stage 3 breast cancer. Our prayers and thoughts go out to Jennifer as she fights, rather than witnesses, a battle.

5. Butterfly's Trip to Los Angeles

Terry and I will be in Los Angeles for the "Nick Lachey Dream Date" on December 4th! To recap, auctioned off a dream dinner date with Nick Lachey, in LA, to benefit The VH1 Save The Music Foundation. The highest bidder, $10,600, won a roundtrip ticket to LA, hotel accommodations, shopping spree and a dinner date with Nick Lachey. We would be thrilled to meet-up with those of you in the LA area while we are there. Please reach out to us and let us know at!

6. Butterfly Consulting

Let us share our expertise! Need help with website development, branding or do you have general social networking needs? We are here to help at

That it's for now... stay tuned and check the site frequently for new mom mentor webisodes that are uploaded on a weekly basis, job postings, career and psychotherapy advice and stimulating conversation with moms like yourself.


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