Decorate your house like a citizen of the world

The truth is that the term world citizen is subject to many and sometimes contradictory interpretations and analyzes. But here do not expect to make a sociological analysis of your term. Our aim is to show you five alternative approaches to a single theme unit for wall decoration.

If you want to adopt the world map canvas, in your house decoration is a fantastic idea that is resonating in many countries of the world and especially in Europe. There are several ways to make it; however, you can read some excellent performances that are listed below.

Map in pieces

The splitting of the world map can be done in many, smaller and larger, fragments of frames of unequal shape, the union of their sections showing an overall map performance. You can also add a copper pendant lamp in order to light the map in a really creative way,pointing all the details of it.

Note: In order to make something similar, you will have to buy wooden canvas with white canvas and have made the outline of the world map to paint the design you made. The materials will be found in shops with paintings and you can create it as you like.


 A wood structure with the shape of the world map can be placed independently on a wall surface and be an eccentric but at the same time dynamic performance of the map.

Note: In order to make something like this, you can use wooden boards to shape the outline of the world map and, with the help of an expert, isolate the pieces. The materials will be found in shops with timber and woodworking equipment.

Creative Dots

A particularly economical and easy approach for those who construct and drill holes on the walls is an inconceivable case is the creation of the world map with decorative strips in the form of a web. The plan will be just as impressive and every guest who will visit you will ask you the way you did it.

Note: To make something like this, you simply need to create the outline of the map by making small dots in a key flag and then you can join the dots, as in the crossword, with the help of decorative tapes. You can place small lamps on the places that you think of them as your favorite trips all around the world. Decorative tapes can be found in bookstores.


When space is limited or unnecessary volume on the walls is considered prohibitive then the integration of the world map on the surface of the wall is the right choice.

Note: Corresponding to the image stickers you can find in large bookstores and in shops with self-adhesive wallpapers. Dimensions however vary, so you can choose the one that really suits your space without overloading it.

All or nothing

By making the difference over the rest, the total investment of a whole wall with a wallpaper of the political but this time world map can bring surprisingly beautiful and original results.

Note: Through varied colors available in wallpaper with political maps you can choose the shades that fit your own space. You can choose a map in brown shades that it may be the most suitable in a living room area. Wallpapers can be found in upholstery shops and get a sizeable fit for your space.

Whichever approach you choose for your own wall is for sure that you have done it properly as a citizen of the world. The result will be awesome, either you choose a map of the above, or you are going to create one of your own.

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