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Decorating Your Living Room With Pictures and Paintings

If you have a knack for painting or capturing pictures of your loved ones, you definitely have several of those paintings and pictures saved to frame and hang around the house. However, you never find the time or the perfect place to use these masterpieces around your house. 

We cannot say much about the time, but we sure know that the best place for your pictures and paintings is your living room. This is the place where all of your family gathers for a quick family discussion or some great TV time. Moreover, your living room is the one place where your guests will wander around too. Hence, the perfect place for showing off your paintings or pictures is this room. 

How? Here are some ideas

1. Framed Family Photo

One of the most basic yet classic ways of decorating with pictures is to make use of that one perfect family portrait that you have saved in your gallery forever. This picture can go on the main wall of your living room right in the center of your living room that brings the picture in focus. Moreover, this picture in the very center gives the living room a sort of uniformity and helps you plan out the entire room with its contexts. Of course, the frame around the picture must fit the colors in your living room.

2. Canvas Paintings Framed

Another great way to decorate your living rooms is to get the paintings on your CanvasChamp framed in small sizes and hang around the room. Since you already used your family photo as the major hanging in the room, getting a huge painting framed and hung in your room will just take the focus away from that family picture. Therefore, it is much better to get small frames done for these paintings and hung in clusters of diamond, square or circle shapes all around the room with each cluster containing around 4 frames. 

3. Picture Stands

However, hanging your pictures and paintings is not the only way to decorate your living room. You can place your pictures on the furniture around your living room to add some flair to your room. But you do not have to stick to the same old frame designs to decorate your room. instead, you can create personalized acrylic photo block to add color and depth to your images. 

They do so by capturing light and adding focus to your pictures and making them stand out in the room. Therefore, you will be better off using pictures that have plenty of colors and vivid objects. Then, just place some pictures on your stands and trolleys and let the blocks do the rest. 

Final Word

While using these methods to decorate your living room, pay special attention to using only premium quality material for your canvases to give the best finish. You can find the best variety of canvas prints for your home at to add decorations that add charm in your house.  

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