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Design ideas to give your home a complete makeover and make it look more spacious

Small homes need some improvements if the owners want to make them look bigger, but regardless of your property’s dimensions, you may feel the need from time to time to give it a complete makeover. Having in mind the fact that small furniture changes and some DIY projects can truly transform a living space, you don’t need plenty of financial resources and neither do you need plenty of space for such improvements, which comes as a great advantage. Below are some smart ways to give your home a fresh air and make it look more spacious.

Wall-to-wall bookcases will make space appear bigger

The idea that in small properties you can only fit small furniture is somewhat more of a myth. A wall-to-wall book case will create different proportions when it comes to your walls and ceiling, making it appear higher. And more than this, such additions will make it possible to find more storage solutions for your relatively small space and change completely the appearance of your living area. This storage system is perfect to keep safely more than your beloved books. You can easily store here souvenirs from your travels, small belongings (in beautiful storage boxes) and plenty of your photos with your loved ones.

A complete kitchen makeover

Kitchens are those areas in a home that can make or break the good vibe of the entire property. While if your home is relatively small, your kitchen will also be quite small. You can maximise the space in a highly convenient manner, by investing in new kitchen furniture and replacing your old, crowded one. A more organized kitchen furniture will help you acquire that flawlessly organised kitchen with no traces of efforts and relatively small investments. Also, some expert designers recommend searching for kitchen fitters in Sheffield for increased rates of success of your new kitchen remodel project. Keep in mind, you also have to remove some things, not only add. Too many furniture pieces will make your space look crowded and will make organizing it even more difficult. Also, choosing the right format for your kitchen will make it appear more expensive and luxurious, so with this in mind, start searching for your new kitchen furniture. The details matter, while they can truly change the appearance of the available space, regardless of how small. The hardware in your kitchen will be the equivalent of some beautiful jewellery pieces, and choosing those appropriately can truly change the appearance of your small space, by making it look more luxurious and classier. The color matters, as furniture in lighter shades will make the available space appear larger and more comfortable.

Your living area needs some special attention as well

While the experts at Classique Interiors Sheffield certainly have some good advice for you when it comes to kitchens, experts in home décor also advise paying increased attention to the colours used for your living area. The floors and walls as well as your ceiling should be pained in light colours, to make the available space look bigger. From grey hardwood floors, to light ivory and even white walls, these improvements should be found on your list as well. Affordable and easy to deal with, such improvements will completely change the appearance of your home, while making it look more spacious. Don’t be afraid to make out of painting your walls a DIY project. This way you will save plenty of money and you will be able to invest that money in your dream hardwood floors. A good strategy to create the illusion of a higher ceiling is to install shelves upper on your walls and draw the attention upwards. When choosing your decorations, choose fewer pieces, but in larger sizes. This will keep your room from looking crowded and unpleasant to the eye.

Your bathroom matters

If your bathroom is fairly small, you could invest in a walk-in shower and create the illusion if a bigger space. Also, multiple storage systems will create the necessary space to keep away from plain sight all your necessities and hygiene products. Also, a large mirror will contribute to creating the illusion of a bigger space. Good lighting is another thing you should think of when remodelling your bathroom, as you want a light bright enough to reflect on your generous mirror and “enlarge” the available space. Some greenery would be an amazing addition and given the fact that your bathroom most probably lack completely natural light, you could choose artificial plants to successfully accomplish this.

Invest in new rugs and use those to separate your rooms

Smaller rugs can beautifully split the available space of a room in smaller areas. For instance, place your sofa on one small rug and create a separated section of the room by doing so. This is an amazing tip for those living in small studio apartments because it will allow you to create multiple smaller spaces from a larger one. Break the rules, you don’t need walls to have structure to your space. Adding it can be easily managed with these simple tips.

Break the rules

Just because your living area is small, this doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the old-fashioned sofa and coffee table furniture choice for making it amazing. Maybe you want a swing or a hammock inside. If you do, have those, it’s your space. Sticking to rules will only limit your options and this is what you certainly want to avoid. Bend the rules, break them if this is what you want to, but make sure that you adapt your space to your own living standards.

These are some simple strategies you could use if you want to give your living space a complete makeover and increase the available space at the same time. Keep in mind that the entire process and all projects should meet your own standards and preferences.

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