If you are like so many of us that have overweight problems, then you are tired of all the hype about diets, and supplements, and the tons of all the other weight loss information available. It’s getting to the point where you have heard it and read it all. You are well aware that there is no quick fix.

Of course, there is bariatric medicine, and weight loss centers like this one in Jacksonville, but those aren’t for everyone. Something to think about is this. You didn't put all your extra weight on overnight. So it stands to reason that you aren't going to take it off that fast either. In today's world we have a quick fix mind set. The pace of living is so fast that we carry it into every area of our lives, including our dieting expectations. We stay on a diet for a week, lose a pound and give up because we expected to lose 5. If you can change your approach you will be far more successful, in the long run, not overnight.

So getting down to designing your own weight loss plan, here are some things you are going to want to factor in to it.

Are You Ready to Start?

To begin with start with a good medical check up to be sure your weight gain has not been caused by a health problem.

Check Around:Decide whether you want to design your own program from scratch, or a combination. Meaning use the services of a diet program or clinic and adapting it to fit your needs.

Support Services: If your doctor is pro weight loss then you may want to obtain his or her help in drafting up your plan. He or she should have lots of materials available on healthy eating and healthy foods.

What Are You going To Eat:A good way to determine this is to take the information your doctor gave you, or other diets you have tried, and go over the items listed there. Pick out all your favorite foods off the healthy list.

Now make a list of all your favorite foods from the past. Now try and replace one of bad foods with one from the good list.

Be sure to pick your favorite fruits. Then research these and see which may be the most beneficial for weight loss.

Water is essential. 8-12 glasses a day is more of a myth according to modern science. If you are not a water drinker try adding a little bit of juice to it to give it some flavor.

Pick out your favorite meats, and replace at least three of them with a fish substitute

Your Exercise:This again you will have to determine what it is you like doing and concentrate on that to begin with. Once you get into a routine, then add to it.

Can you design your own weight loss regimen? Of course.However, the problem is sticking with it for the long run. What often trips people up when trying to lose weight is not being consistent in maintaining the steps required to lose weight. Having a good support group is also a wonderful asset in the journey to shed pounds, which is where weight loss clinics can be a great option, especially if the bariatric physician is active in educating the support group meetings.

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