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Designing a new-born baby room – ideas, tips and tricks

A nursery shouldn’t be a financial nightmare, although you have to buy plenty of things for your little one so to make them comfortable when they arrive in this world. Expecting a baby may be a dreamy period when you imagine how your baby will look like, how you will play together and what relationship you will have, but on the practical side, you have to also think about setting up a room just for them. You can think of it as a fun experience and something you do for the sake of you and your child because a nursery is a place where both nasty and nice things happen. You should take into consideration that comfort is the most important thing especially for you (at least until the baby grows a little and starts walking and being curious about everything or throwing temper tantrums). Visualize every piece of furniture in its palace, measure, choose a colour palette and a theme for the design and do it step by step as time passes. If you start early, you won’t have to hurry and worry that it’s not going to be ready in time. You may be scared, you may have many reasons not to start and tell yourself that you will have enough time, but just relax and take it as a hobby and as your personal design project. There is also the possibility to ask for help from a specialist, but where will be all the fun of doing it yourself? Besides only you know what makes you smile and the room should look according to your likings because you are going to spend a lot of time there.

Decide on a colour and theme

First of all, here’s an important tip you should consider. Choose the curtains and drapes before everything else. It is way easier to choose the colours or patterns for the walls after the fabrics because you have a wider variety of options than the other way around. Also, the colours should be relaxing both for you and the baby, because the nursery is a place where calmness thrives and besides you will want your baby to sleep during day time as well.

After you choose the colours and themes and you bought them, dare to decorate the walls and be as creative as you want. You can also draw and paint on the walls as much as you want even if you don’t have an artsy call. You can find loads of online tutorials on how to do it, but if you are too afraid of it you can either hire someone that has the talent and vision or you can opt for stickers or wallpaper. To make it easier to apply, you may consider 3M preferred tape converters. Depending on what you choose you can take it off with ease. On this matter, make sure the design pallet you choose will apply for a longer period of time, because your baby will grow and he or she might not like it anymore because it’s too… for babies.

Safety first

Do the babyproofing as you go, because after everything is finished and perfectly placed you may find it difficult to start moving the furniture around to reach the outlets or complicated corners. Working in parallel will make things look easier and it is also time-saving, as you don’t have to do something twice.

On that matter, when you choose the furniture, consider something that does not have sharp edges, as your baby will bump in many things when they learn how to sit, crawl and walk. However, if you can’t find something that you like and that has rounded corners, make sure you apply safety gear on every piece of furniture, especially on the corners and edges.

Babyproofing gear is not only necessary in the nursery, but all over the house and especially in the kitchen. When you cook you might want to take the baby with you so you can keep an eye on them. It’s also important to secure the stairs with indoor baby fences and the other rooms the baby may wonder into. Last, but not least, add baby monitors in the nursery so you can watch what happens to your baby without having to go there too many times and disturb their sleep or to completely remove the fear that you won’t hear the cries.


The first things you think about when you shop for baby furniture are the crib and the changing table. Choosing a crib is one of the nicest things because they are really beautiful, but the real challenge is to choose the mattress because there are many things to take into account regarding this issue. The specialists recommend a hard one with coconut. When you decide on a crib make sure you can replace it easily with a children’s bed for when they grow, but that also depends on how you choose the other furniture pieces.

Things are easier with a changing table, because cribs usually have a matching one. However, if you don’t have enough space for it or you simply don’t want one, you can also make it from and old commode on top of which you can add memory foam covered in soft fabric. For the best adhesive solution, you should seek for 3M UK Tape Converters and you will find whatever suits your needs. You can also take it off when you don’t need it anymore.

Another important issue is storage. You will need a lot of it for supplies, baby clothes and toys, so you can choose whatever you want from closets, drawers, organisers and so many more. The trick is to think ahead and buy something that will fit your child’s needs later as well. What is the most important is to be practical and spacious, but also to fit perfectly in the room. And if you don’t like the design of your furniture, you can always repaint it.

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