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During breakfast on Wednesday morning, I reminded Rocco that we had a date night.  The two of us were going out after dinner to attend, ‘Dessert with Someone Special’ at his pre-school.  Both of the boys got to choose who they wanted to take and to my surprise, Rocco chose ME and Roman chose daddy.  I say, ‘surprised’ because I really thought it’d be the other way around.  Roman definitely is in love with his mama so I thought for sure he’d want to take me but I was all for him spending some QT with Bri.  We sat at the kitchen table and Rocco told me all about what we would do during our date.  There was a lot of, “and then!… and then!… and then!… and  then! “.  I told him how excited I was.  He paused and said,

“Mommy, I want you to wear a pretty dress!”

This was a special occasion.  How could I say no?  It was officially a date!  While he was at pre-school, I thought about what dress I was going to wear since not all of them fit right now (#myboobsarehuge).  I had to come up with something and I giggled my way through zippers not zipping around my chest when I thought about him asking me to wear a dress.  A dress!  He’s so funny.

As the day went on, clouds rolled in, rain was coming and there was no way I could wear a bright, Spring dress.  I pulled out my go-to cotton black maxi and put myself together!  Rocco and Roman were downstairs playing while I was getting ready and when I came down the steps, it was like prom.  Rocco stared at me.  His big brown eyes got so big and I could see a little dimple peeking through his right cheek.  He shot his sweet smile at me and it got bigger as he said,

“Mommy, you look so pretty mommy.  You look like a princess.”

I couldn’t believe I got the ‘princess’ comment; that usually only comes out when I put braids in my hair (no clue why?)!  Bri came home and Rocco and I left for our date!

It felt so weird to be in the car alone with my Rocco.  It never happens.  We were quiet at first.  I think we both enjoyed the silence of the car.  The noise of the road.  And that’s when Rocco asked who the special person was that will be there.

- Insert that long screeeeech when something goes wrong. -

Ummmm… ME!?!” I said.  The kid actually thought I was taking him to see someone special.  “Well.  Ummm.  No son.  It’s me.  You are taking ME to dessert tonight.  I’m the someone special.”  He was quiet and pondered that one for a moment.  Did I let him down?  He didn’t say anything; seemed happy about it and we arrived at school.

We walked hand in hand through the parking lot.  No Roman.  No Mario.  No daddy.  We were happy and I could tell he was happy.  These nights are sweet and special.  It was so neat to watch him.  and only him.  Watch his demeanor, see his personality, his behavior.  He’s so different when Roman isn’t around.

If you can’t tell, this is me.

The kid hates to draw and color, but he entertains the thought when he’s given a drawing prompt and then quickly moves on to something that involves more movement.

We sat and ate ice-cream together.  He enjoyed putting sprinkles in my cup and I enjoyed sitting.  With just him.

That night, he hugged me a little tighter, kissed me a little more and told me he had fun with me.  Oh sweet boy; I had a wonderful time with you too.  It’s amazing how different he is without Roman around.  He’s calmer, sweeter, his language is better, behavior is more appropriate.  I know that sounds crazy to say (or write) but it’s true.  With the big boys being a year and a half apart, they just tag team each other all day and are so goofy!  If anything, it’s me who needs nights like these to remind myself of who they are individually.

Our date nights have been simple but I feel like since I started them at a young age and plan to keep it going throughout the years, it will help us to stay close and have a great relationship as they grow.  It doesn’t take much to start this whole ‘date-night’ thing with your sons and/or daughters; just time… the best gift you can give a child.  And I’m so thankful that the boys’ pre-school planned a ‘date-night’ for us to enjoy too; it was a sweet night!


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