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Diaper Bags

Another item on the baby checklist is choosing a diaper bag which can be a little overwhelming with all the different styles and brands there are to choose from. It used to be that a diaper bag served only one purpose which was to pack essentials for baby and usually came with very few options like one solid color or a possible animal print. However, nowadays moms are not only looking for a functional diaper bag but they also want style! You will have no problem finding a stylish yet functional diaper bag that is perfect for you.
One thing to consider when shopping for a diaper bag is what style will work best for you. Do you want a messenger bag which is carried over the shoulder, or perhaps you would be more comfortable with a backpack diaper bag which would allow you to free your hands and carry around baby with ease. Totes are another option; totes have a handle and can easily be used as a purse as well as a diaper bag.
Features of a diaper bag are something you will really want to take a look at before purchasing your diaper bag. Extra pockets and lots of organizational features can be quite helpful when packing all the things baby needs and even giving some extra pockets for the things mom needs can make a diaper bag a must have! Some diaper bags have insulated pockets which will help keep bottles warm or cold which is great if you are going to be gone for a while. Also look at how much room is in the diaper bag, if you are having twins then you know you need to look for a diaper bag with lots of room as you will need to pack double of everything! If you are planning on using cloth diapers you will need some extra room as well for all you cloth diapering supplies!
The material of the diaper bag is also very important, diaper bags get a lot of use so think about whether the material will hold up and last through all the abuse it will endure. Some materials like vinyl can be easily cleaned by just wiping the bag with a cloth. You might want to consider eco-friendly material so there are no harmful chemicals or toxins in the material, our Kalencom bags are eco-friendly and extremely functional as well as popular! You can take a look on our website using this link
Lastly make sure you choose a pattern in your diaper bag that you will love for a long time! Some moms choose diaper bags based on gender of the baby, others feel that the bag is for the mom so the gender should not determine the pattern of the bag. Some moms also like to consider what dad would be comfortable toting around while others might opt to get a separate bag for dad. The pattern is all about personal preference so there is no right or wrong decision with it, as long as you love it then that is all that matters!

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