So, I’m throwing this out there to you, because I’m not quite sure I did the right thing.

A little background:

My family is very close with another family. They are wonderful people and include us in so many of their celebrations. This weekend was no different. They have a lovely backyard with a pool, a dining area, a fireplace and an outdoor theater. It’s always just a FUN food fest there!

They were hosting a High School graduation party for their niece. Their sister (who I am very friendly with) and ex-brother in law paid for the whole thing.

My son and I went, envelope in hand for the niece’s gift. Let me preface this by saying that in all the years I’ve known this family, the niece has said maybe one word to me. She’s also not very nice to my son. But I figured, it’s a nice night out, I am close with the rest of the family and I hadn’t seen them all in couple of weeks.

We pull up and there is a spot open in front of the house. I go to pull in and the niece tells me it is reserved for her friend. No “hello”. No “I’m sorry but…”. Just “You can’t park here, it’s reserved for my friend”. I park elsewhere.

We go into the party and I help out with serving the food. The ex-brother in law is frantic about the food at one point. “Where is the mustard and mayo?” ”Why aren’t the serving utensils out yet?” Etc.

I say to him “Chill a little A.J., we are getting there”. His response “No one tells me to chill out”. (You can see where his daughter gets her charm).

I really was so put off by the ex-brother in law and the neice. I watched the neice through out the night say hello and speak to many of the people there. Still not one word or even look my way. Never acknowledged my presence. The ex-brother in law was not any better. The rest of the night all he could say to me was “I’m chilling”.

So my question to you……

Did I do the right thing in not handing over my gift to the niece? I had it in my bag the whole night. A card and a $50 cash. Just curious.

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Comment by Laura Kelly-Pifer on August 16, 2009 at 5:06pm
This is a very tough situation. Personally, I feel that you went out of your way to make this a special night for the graduate. It was probably a high stress situation for both her and her family. It doesn't excuse rudeness, but I would go ahead and give the gift. I am sure that they will appreciate it and as she develops into an adult, will hopefully remember all of the good deeds that you did.

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