There is a very fine layer in between love and like. The easy to figure it out is to monitor how feeling growing with time.


If you want anything more and more. Then it’s love. It never dies. If, after having some you are feeling full, don’t want it more, then it was your liking.


Let me give you some examples. A kid wants a toy very much. They are asking the toy for months. They are so desperate to have it. After having it, within 3 days, they don’t feel any interest in it. It’s liking.

Some kids like their soft toys very much. They hold it every night before going to sleep. It continues, this is love.


In a relationship, I have seen this in many couples. At the beginning they are so happy to have each other, then they lost all interest with each other. Maybe they liked each other very much, but they didn’t love their partner. So, it ended in a very short time.


For some, without making much effort the feeling continues. Yes, it’s love. They might face many ups and downs in life, but the feeling continues.

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