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5 Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Office for Summer

As we all know this has not been a usual year. Our lives have changed in so many ways notably how long we have all spent cooped up indoors. It has been making us all feel uneasy and to be honest a little claustrophobic. Now, as a result of cities and towns starting to reopen slowly, it is now time to make some…


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Dinosaur Tee for Girls (and technically boys) - Toddler Saurus Tee

If I'm being totally honest, I mostly just want to show off how cute the photos of my daughter are, but the shirt is just as cute and the whole reason I wanted to do a "photo shoot" with her in the first place.

Our toddler is super obsessed with dinosaurs right now. Serious kudos to Amazon Prime for having Dino Dana. Finding anything geared toward girls with dinosaurs is harder than you'd think, so while I find Dana to be slightly annoying, my two year old will sit there motionless for a good solid 30 minutes or more (this is an amazing accomplishment trust me).

I'm also always on the hunt for dino-centered stuff these days; the pink Jurassic Park shirt was a major find for us.

But I was really excited that this image was included in the recent Mega Craft Bundle I just bought. (They all include a commercial license by the way.) I know a lot of people create and design their own, but I don't have the software and I'd rather spend my limited precious crafting time making the projects.

Toddler Saurus SVG DXF PNG EPS Cutting Files example image 1
Download this image here.

One of the things I love so much about having a Cricut, is that I can choose my colors. So this seemly boy geared design was completely adaptable for my sparkle fairy glitter dinosaur obsessed little girl.

She loved the shirt immediately, which involved a lot of yelling "Is my baby dinosaur!"  and some petting before I could get the top on. Lets just say she proved to be an extremely challenging model, so you'll have to forgive my biased thrill at how adorable (I think) she is:

This was not an intended part of the photo shoot, but ended up being hilarious anyway.

After a good solid hour trying to get the perfect shot (and my husband laughing at me for thinking I could get our two year old to just pose for me).... I finally succeeded!

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