Discovered The Best Hair Dryer Ever & My Hair Care Routine

I've had some friends ask me about my hair care routine so I decided to post it here for them and anyone else who would like to follow along on my hair adventures.

I used to think all hair dryers were the same. Boy was I wrong. Our old cheapie Revlon blow dryer blew out and my hubby surprised me with a fancy Babyliss hair dryer. He wouldn't tell me how much it cost in fear I would freak out (I googled it and it was around $60) but wow, it made such a big difference. My hair is so much more smoother and dried in just 10 minutes when usually it takes me around half an hour to get it dry and styled. I used to think all hair dryers were the same hence the reason why I would always buy the cheapest one I could get at the drug store but I guess in this particular case you do get what you pay for. As you can see on, the Babyliss seems to get pretty good reviews. I was thinking about the T3 as well but it's a bit out of my price range. 

I usually wash may hair just twice a week and prefer to use dry shampoo throughout the week. I find this optimum for keeping my hair color fresh since I spend quite a bit of money getting balayage highlights. My routine generally consists of using Giovanni Shampoo & Redken Diamond deep conditioner. I'll them apply any kind of hair oil and blow dry my hair straight without using a brush.

Once it's dry I like to curl it with a large barrel curling iron and use lots and lots of texturizing spray in order to get that “next day” hair look and give it a volume boost. It gives me that beachy look when I muss up the waves. Then for the next few days I'll just use dry shampoo until I wash it again.

I get my hair colored at Sally Hershbergers in West Hollywood. It's definitely on the pricey side but really worth it since the regrowth isn't noticeable with balayage and I can easily go 5 months without a touch up. When it's growing out it just looks like an ombre. I generally lean towards warmer colors since I find ashy colors very unflattering against my very warm skin tone.

Thats about it for my hair care routine and feel free to ask questions if you have any.

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