Dividing the work means dividing the rewards

My wonderful husband plays many roles in my life: He is my best friend, my rock in rough times and my partner. That last role is super important to me, because it is a big factor in the overall happiness level in our household.

We both work jobs that we enjoy (but can be stressful), we both take care of the household and all the chores, and we communicate often about our son's life. Every week, we take a few minutes to discuss the upcoming week and what is going on in our work lives so we can be sure that we are covering all our bases. 

This isn't always easy - sometimes we forget things and sometimes there are gaps that we need to figure out. But, it always makes me happy that we are in those conversations together.

Because (and this should surprise exactly no one), parents are happiest when childcare responsibilities are equally di.... But to get to that point, parents have to constantly communicate about what those childcare responsibilities are. Because they change. Frequently. In fact, they change more frequently than most of us are ready for. 

I hope my son picks up on this dynamic, because I want him to learn that marriages are partnerships that need to be worked on every day. And I want him to see his parents happy, so he knows that all the stuff we do to support one another is absolutely worth it.

What do you want your children to learn from your relationship? Tell me in the comments.

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