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DIY Special Tooth Fairy Pillow

When my son unexpectedly lost his first tooth, I panicked. He did not have a tooth fairy pillow. He was adamant that he should have one from the stories of his classmates. He was not going to sleep that night if he didn't have one. And that meant I was not going to get much sleep either. 

What's a momma to do?.... Improvise!
I wish I had pictures for a tutorial, but this is an old project that I'm still fond of today. Hopefully my description, photos, and links will help! And as for the "Quick" part of the DIY, I completed this within less than 2 hours from conception to completion. AND watched a movie with my hubby - and most definitely took an ice cream break. :)

You will need the following items:
  • old fabric from pants, shirts, blankets, etc - something of meaning is always nice
  • scissors or rotary cutter
  • a ruler might be handy  {I winged it, but if you've read any of my posts,  you would have known that already :) }
  • thread of any kind - I doubled up standard thread, but embroidery thread would be ideal
  • needle
  • poly fil for stuffing
  • drawstring or shoelace (optional)
  • embroidery letter or other embellishment of meaning (optional)

Exhibit A
I decided to use 2 different colored pairs of pants that my son had outgrown and were so well loved, that Goodwill would reject them. Exhibit A is a sample of my son's well-loved clothes. 
We're not just talking worn knees. We're talking gaping holes that are 8 inches tall and 5 inches wide. Pretty impressive, right?

{Don't worry, I buy most of his pants at Kohl's for 50% off and then use a 30% off coupon. I know they will end up in shreds, so I refuse to pay more than $6.00 for his pants. But I do know he will get his wear out of them. :) }
First, I cut two equal sized rectangles, one from each color pants (navy and army green). I intentionally {or possibly due to holes} left a hem stitch on the army green to add a little texture. 
I quickly researched how to do a blanket stitch.
I did this project before the days of Pinterest, if you can imagine such archaic times to live in.  I just googled it [old-school!] and found a simple tutorial. I still marvel at my ability to create this project from my own imagination and not from a "Pin".
Here is a clear and easy-to-follow tutorial with step-by-step photos and a video at Gulf Coast Cottage.  This is a very simple hand sewn technique. I have darned socks and simple holes before, but they weren't pretty. 
Trust me when I say that this is a Beginners Stitch. No experience necessary - except, it is handy to know how to thread a needle. :)
Next I cut another smaller rectangle for a pocket out of a the navy blue pants. With my new-found knowledge, I used the blanket stitch to sew the pocket onto the front side of the pillow. I only sewed the sides and bottom. You will need to leave the top open to form the pocket. 
pocket with original pant seam at top and blanket stitched sides and bottom
Time-saving Tip: I cut this smaller rectangle from the navy pant's original back pocket. Note from the photo that I chose to cut a section that had a piped edge at the top for less sewing - built-in seam!

blanket stitch shown from the bottom
Once the pocket was on the front piece, I used a blanket stitch to sew the top and bottom pieces together, leaving an opening with room to stuff with poly fil. Luckily I had some on hand! Phew!

shows more detail, and the original pant's stitching I left for texture

Then I filled it up to a nice, over-stuffed fluffiness and finished sewing up the opening. I could have stopped at that and left it just as a pillow, but...

I decided to take the drawstring from one of the pants and sewed it onto the top 2 corners as a hanging strap. That way we could hang it outside my son's door on the night the Tooth Fairy would visit. 

This worked for that evening, but the next day I did add an iron-on monogram with my son's initial to the pocket from the craft store for about $1. I found the same kind here.

Monogram initial added
This, too, is well-loved after several years, and several visits from the Tooth Fairy. You can see how it is a little fringed and worn from swinging around on a closet door. The pocket fits 3 treasure boxes from school comfortably. :)

The morning after I made this and hung it on his door, we found a teeny-tiny envelope and note from the Tooth Fairy. It reminded him to brush frequently and avoid sugary foods to keep his teeth nice and healthy. He got money, too, of course. But he loved the teeny-tiny envelope with his name on it.

I could have shaped it like a tooth or car - but I knew that he would be losing teeth well into grade school and beyond. I wasn't sure how long he would entertain the idea of this, but I wanted to have a design that would not be too childish as he grew.

I was so happy with my impromptu creation. It was unique, personal, one of a kind, and FAST.

What's also kind of cool, is that every time I see it hanging in his room, I remember him playing trains on his knees like it was his "job". It is a very fond and accurate memory of my little boy.

And best of all, it made my kiddo really happy! That's the best reward ever, isn't it?

~Please note that all photos are my own, unless indicated with a link.~

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