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I know, I'm a nerd. I'll admit it. I have never denied the fact that I am a nerd.

This morning, roughly thirty minutes ago my laptop arrived. In all it's cardboard Dell glory the Fedex man gently carried it to my front door. Yes, I was absolutely stalking him from the front window. The windows were open letting in the fresh October air when I heard the back door to the truck open up, my heart skipped a beat.
I knew it was arriving today so the plan was to not leave the house all day, just sit and wait for the arrival of my package. No Starbucks, no Publix, if someone was bleeding or something they were just going to have to wait. That's what First Aid cream and Band-Aids are for (great words from my father).
Oh and Advil, Advil cures everything;-)
I didn't want to seem over eager and completely frighten the tiny Fedex man. I felt that bounding outside, skipping around him and ending it with a cartwheel would have been a bit excessive. So I took the calm, cool, collected route and stood right in front of the door waiting for the door bell to ring. Logan joined me in my enthusiasm, he however had an ulterior motive which I will reveal later.
The doorbell rang and I swung open the door and practically tore the box out of his hand then proceeded to do the running man while Logan did the robot, in his robot boxers and white t-shirt. In the midst of our celebration he asked
"Ma'am could you please sign here?" He looked nervous, I don't know why, maybe he was unfamiliar with our choice of dance routines. I did what I was asked and then continued. I wouldn't say he ran for his truck, maybe a swift pace. And I'm pretty sure those squealing tires was NOT his, at all.
What? Did I over do it?
As I pranced to the kitchen Logan expressed to me his excitement by singing
"Woohoo no school today! Mom will be playing with her laptop all day! Oh yea! Oh yea!"
Shhhhhhhhhhhh...he's right;-)
I'm typing this blog on my new laptop sitting at the island in my kitchen. It's the little things people;-)

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