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Do Not Call a Pregnant Woman Fat; Isn't That a Given

As I lay in bed this fine Wednesday morning I hear a commercial for Entertainment Tonight “A very pregnant Jessica Simpson, how much does she weigh?” In an ominous voice.

How about who cares what she weighs, she freaking pregnant!

Yesterday Joy Behar called Jessica Simpson fat. Really? Just because you gave birth in the stone ages and was a cave woman stick doesn’t mean you get to call a pregnant woman fat. Never mind the fact that she is carrying a human being inside of her!

I am a curvy woman, I have hips and boobs and when I became pregnant I was NOT some dainty little mama-to-be. I was swollen, uncomfortable, every limb was squishy, I thought my belly button was going to seriously pop open and the boy was going to fall out.

When I see an extremely pregnant woman at the mall or grocery store I immediately feel sympathy “Oh that poor girl.” I want to help her with her groceries, hold her crying toddler as she is trying to maneuver through the crowds with a stroller and diaper bag. Side note: when you see a woman, pregnant or not, with a stroller open the door for her, don’t be a jerk and ignore her as she is doing a kiddywampus backwards move while propping the department store door with her Sketchers.

I know celebrities give off this false sense of “The baby fell out and I dropped 50 pounds!” I know if I was wealthy and could afford a personal chef and trainer I would drop that baby weight pretty damn fast too. Working out 6 hours a day while my nanny tends to the baby, yup, I could do that.

I am fully aware that not all celebrities have the above mentioned or they do and just deny it. I don’t care how much Jessica Simpson has gained or any other pregnant woman, it’s none of my business to start and really Who Cares? She’s pregnant, not fat! I know because her spine isn’t showing she’s fat, I get it but when I was towards the end of my pregnancy the last thing I wanted to hear was “Wow, you are fat! How much have you gained?” I would punch you in the throat and call it a day. Listen, we already feel like the Pillsbury Dough Mama-To-Be poking at our prego rolls is uncalled for.

The next time you see an extremely pregnant woman looking tired, disheveled and wanting to burst into an emotional break down maybe help her out instead of calling her names. We as a society need to have a bit more sympathy for man/womankind, what a concept right?

If Jessica Simpson throws out something like this “I may be fat, but you’re ugly, and I can lose weight.” to Joy Behar I would send her a cyber fist bump, just sayin’.

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