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Do you Know my Struggle with Self Acceptance?

Last week I was having lunch with one of my long-term friend; an exemplary woman, hardworking, intelligent, feisty, good person and beautiful. We met each other recently at the University. We had not seen each other for a long time and so we had a lot to catch up on. We talked about anything and everything and I even had time to throw in my self-esteem issues and she was very comforting and gave me tips on how to accept and love it hard. I could not believe what I was hearing; she is and has always been a beautiful and full of virtues that apparently did not exist for herself. I swear she is a conditioned woman in every way.  

After that meeting I saw an advertisement for Solvaderm which she featured in. I found her beautiful and very importantly, loved her confidence and how she has leant to accept herself. I started thinking about how hard we, women, are with ourselves, in this tremendous struggle for perfection in which we are and the byproducts of it: the mistrust of our own body and in some cases even envy those women who are better looking than us. What nonsense! First we throw ourselves in a fight that we can never win and secondly generate this dark spots of envy between us when the last thing we need are more barriers as a genre.

I have always considered the one hand part of the problem; women suffer from this lack of acceptance, because even if it costs them believe it, I'm sure that even the most beautiful models have these internal struggles about acceptance and love. And why I say that, I am part of the problem. Because I belong to an industry that I love but I know that is largely responsible for these impossible standards of beauty. I am aware that change completely is impossible and that fashion is what it is, but I have tried for many years to be very honest with you all the time to talk about my own challenges and shortcomings as a way to help women have a more realistic view of things. I never tire of saying that while in the picture I seem perfect, the reality is very different: I have open pores, facial blemishes, wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks, in short, a lot of things that keep me from that figure perfect that some people think I have.

But at least I have accepted myself and decided to do something about it. No more hiding behind makeups; I am going to take my skin problems by the horns. The thing is, every human being goes through stages in life and in each stage there are challenges of the age.

My struggle with my skin overtime

During my adolescence was a super self-conscious girl my height and my thinness, my struggle was to accept that not everyone liked me. Then I started struggling with my acne. I made mistakes due to negligence and fear of being rebuked when I sought help. It left me with permanent spots that I am still struggling to heal. Now in my thirties and I am still struggling with my skin because I want perfection.

I made a point of taking care of myself and that the reason I sought help from Solvaderm. My main problem was my spot. The expert at Solvaderm recommended a product known as Dermpura which I use every day before I go to sleep. Unfortunately, even before I got rid of the spots, my childhood mistakes were catching up with me again. I was aging really quick…

Every morning I would look in the mirror and see how beautiful the spots are fading but I couldn’t ignore the wrinkles developing. I took my experts again. This time I wanted something to control my aging. I rang my friend and yet again she came through for me. This time she recommended a Skin renewal serum known as Stemnucell. It can be best described as an anti-aging serum that has the capabilities of reversing skin aging from a cellular level. It uses a stem cell modern technology that helps reverse the signs of aging from cellular level and rejuvenating and renewing the skin to give you a youthful look.


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