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Do You Know Someone Struggling with Addiction? Here's What You Can Do to Help

Millions of people in the world are struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Breaking an addiction is difficult. Most addicts give up and continue to sink deeper into their addiction, convinced that there is no way out. Some addicts are reckless and the people around them suffer emotionally because they want to help but have no idea of where to start. If you know someone struggling with an addiction, here is what you can do to help him or her.

Show Love and Support

Most addicts develop a low self-esteem after becoming dependent on drugs or alcohol. Their behavior and lies to get money to buy drugs make those around them reject or isolate them. You cannot help an addict without showing him or her that you care. Do not expect the person to respond to your care by stopping their habit immediately. Breaking an addiction takes time and you must support them throughout the process.

Ensure that the Person Enrolls in a Rehab Program

Some families are so ashamed of addiction that they resist the idea of enrolling their loved one in a rehab program. Others believe that they can help the person at home. An addict requires the guidance of trained counselors to recover. If you have the means for it, identify a luxury rehab facility in your area for your loved one and see what they have to offer.

Chances are that the person will not walk into the rehab willingly. You need the help of the person’s family, friends, and professionals to ensure that the person starts and completes the rehab program. Avoid programs that run for a month. A habit learned for years and sometimes decades may not be broken within a month. Go for rehab facilities that help those with addiction problems for 3-6 months or even a year if necessary.

Maintain Your Stance on Drug Abuse

Your loved one may try to convince you that you are wrong for condemning his or her addiction. He or she may also try to persuade you to try some of the drugs or alcohol. You must remain sober and stay away from drugs if you want to help an addict. Avoid situations and social settings in which you may be tempted to start abusing drugs.

Stage an Intervention in an Atmosphere of Love and Care

Addicts rarely accept to go to a rehab facility willingly. Even after choosing a luxury rehab facility for him or her, the person may refuse to join the program. Some run away from home or school when they learn of such a plan. Family and friends stage interventions to ensure that the person acknowledges his or her problems and gets professional help. Such an intervention must be done in a loving and caring manner.

Ask for Professional Help

You cannot help an addict successfully on your own. Your family or friends may be willing to help but their knowledge of how to deal with addicts may be limited. Get professional help from trained counselors and other experts in mental health. Professionals will help you identify a rehab facility, stage an intervention, and enroll the person in the program. Professionals will also advise on what to do after the rehab program to avoid a relapse.


Helping a person struggling with any form of addiction is a challenge because he or she may not be willing to accept the help offered. The person requires love and support until he or she overcomes the addition. Seeking help from professionals will help you ensure that the person enrolls in a good rehab program and completes the program.

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Comment by MommyHighFive on November 18, 2016 at 5:26pm

Great post. I think nowadays it's more like - do you not know someone with addiction. Seems like a problem that's become very common

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