Do You Love Lip Balms? Here Are Three We Loved This Year

Lip balms: There’s a ton of them. There’s the most popular Chapstick which you can find in grocery stores far and wide and around the world. There’s also Burt’s Bee’s, a “healthier” alternative to lipsticks, lip glosses, and lips balms that you can also find in nearly every store you enter. And then there are these three lip balm companies that I’m reviewing today; Eco Lips, Earth Mama Organics, and Mangiacotti.

Each lip balm produced a different reaction from me and there’s a clear favorite. So, without further delay, here is my review.


Mangiacotti has created miniature lip balms that are perfect to take on the go and while their petite size is obviously cute these lip balms' flavors are just a little too strong for me. I am sensitive to smells and for me personally, they are just a tad on the strong side.

Here are the three scents displayed, Lemon Verde, Pomegranate, and Jasmine Plum. But, with a silky smooth application, Mangiacotti almost manages to steal the show. I find myself using them when my lips are really, really dry! Their ability to keep my lips extremely moist is amazing.

Of course, this is my personal preference. You may love the flavors by Mangiacotti’s wide variety of choices.

Do you know what I absolutely love, though? People with disabilities make all of their products which warms my heart. I love Mangiacotti for this reason alone!

Earth Mama Organics

On scent alone, Earth Mama Organics wins by a mile. The Orange Ginger Lip Balm smells so fantastic, delivering a surprise hint of mint to the mix that adds to the heavenly fragrance. It’s practically aromatherapy putting on this lip balm. Check out all of their flavors.

However, despite its soothing smell, its application is actually the weakest of the three lip balms. It goes on very greasy and while that can be a good thing if you want shiny lips, I find a smoother application more on the side of Mangiocotti to be my style of smoothness for a lip balm.

But it does truly smells AMAZING!

And the Winner Is Eco Lips!

With the smooth application I love and flavors that are truly special (especially during the holiday season) I have found Eco Lips to be the clear winner!

Not only does it smell really good after application (particularly Pumpkin Spice) but there’s stevia in the lip balm. No, that doesn’t mean you should start eating your lip balm but if you happen to lick your lips there’s an actual sweetness instead of the sometimes sticky taste other lip balms may provide.

Despite the differences between these three lip balms, they are a great and healthier alternative to the classic lip balm. To make things even better, Eco Lips and Earth Mama Organics are endorsed by USDA Organic. Mangiacotti is also made with organic ingredients. 

Which lip balms are your favorite?

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