My kid is quite small, but I already got her a simple smartphone. She goes to a kinder garden and she is often at home with her grandmother or a nanny while my husband and I are at work. I want to be able to call her and to talk to her often so that she doesn't feel forgotten. Since I bought the phone, I've been thinking of installing a tracking app that will always inform me about her location. A couple of my friends use such apps and they say it is great to be sure where your kid is at the moment. So, I've decided to choose a good app and to worry about my kid a bit less.

The problem is that I've found some very good applications and I cannot decide which one to choose. They all seem very nice and reviews from the consumers are fine. I'm going to write the list of these apps with small descriptions; maybe some of you have used them or just know if a certain app is better than the rest. I will really appreciate your help.


Life360. This one looks very nice in terms of interface and usability. You can make a circle of relatives and friends and share locations with them when you need it. So, you can not only track your kids' location, but also make sure your husband, wife, parents, etc. get to home or to other places safe. As far as I know, it is quite a popular app as even a couple of my friends use it. 

Securafone is also an app that seems great. It looks simple and easy to use. It also has a panic button that a kid can use in an emergency situation. I think it is very convenient.

PUMPIC also looks very cool. It does pretty much the same - tracks kids' location and tells you if they leave certain zones that you've set up beforehand. I really like the interface of this app; it looks simple and pretty. Apart from location tracking, you can use it to monitor your kids texting. Not that I need it now, but I think it might be a useful feature for the future.   

Find my kids - Footprints. This app has a lot of different options and features. Apart from the main one, location tracking, it also allows you to set geofence, to share waypoints with your relatives or friends, to set a speed limit so that you know when it is crossed, etc.

Well, these are the apps that I liked and intend getting one of them next month. If you have used any of them, I'd appreciate your feedback. If you use any other cool app and you love it, let me know as well.

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