In my immediate family, we have 4 doctors. My 2 sisters and their husbands are doctors. But still, I don't like doctors. I can't say this to their face. Because I need their help. 

I don't know why in my tests no problem found. This happened in both Bangladesh and Canada. When I become ill too much, that I can't stand on my foot. I go the hospital, and then they found nothing. After getting a painkiller and one-night observation I return. This happens many times with me in both countries. I don't know what is the reason. They just told me, they didn't find any problem in my body.

I'm maintaining a healthy life. I never smoked or take a hard drink. I stopped drinking soft drinks, ice cream and sugar. Well, there is some exception on these three items but mostly I follow. I do stretching every day (Again, I try to do it every day).

For many years, I didn't visit any doctor because didn't get sick. Now I'm sick of doctors and tests.

Now a day most of the time. I just can't work. Why? Is it my mental problem? Oh, Allah! I'm trying hard to fix everything with and around me. And I will keep trying. As long as I can. It may be a tiny bit every day, but I will keep trying. Unless I became totally mad.

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