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Does Healthy Body Leads To Healthy Hair?

Hair health can say tons about your general health and well-being. It has become common knowledge that heredity, external factors, lifestyle choices, and even hair grooming practices affect your hair strands and scalp health. There are a number of ways you can improve your natural hair growth and appearance but, many of these remedies, including cosmetic hair procedures, can worsen your hair health. Still, there are ways you can make the most of your hair investments, including knowing how to protect colored hair from chlorine.


 What Damages The Hair


In a study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology in 2007, the researchers demonstrated that cosmetic hair alterations cause damage to the hair primarily due to weathering of the hair shaft. Specific hair styling techniques identified to possibly lead to this condition include hair bleaching, and permanent styling using permanent curlers and straighteners. The researchers further suggested that the risk and intensity of hair damage increase with increased frequency of hair treatments. People who have “intrinsically weak” hair are also at higher risk.


Another study found out that the pH level of shampoos often exceeds the natural pH of the scalp which is 3.67. The researchers further recommended that shampoos should not exceed a pH level of 5.5 if it were to promote improved scalp health as well as prevent future damage to the scalp. Higher pH means that hair acquires increased static electricity which causes hair to become damaged and frizzy.


 Bad Hair Day Equals Poor Health


Hair, being a part of your body, can indicate good or bad changes happening to your overall health. Not all hair issues, hair loss, for instance, indicates poor health. Sometimes, a simple change in hair care techniques can help you achieve better hair days.


Listed below are just some of the most common hair issues men and women face every day, what may be causing these conditions, and what you can do to better your hair situation:


  • Hair Loss.Among all the hair issues, this one will probably have to cause the most troublesome concern. Some of the most common causes of hair loss include hormone fluctuations including post-delivery as hormone levels are curbed back to normal, nutrient deficiency most especially proteins and Vitamin A, stress, lack of sufficient sleep, frequent styling and chemical treatments, compromised immune response, and even certain medications including undergoing chemotherapy.


Hair loss problems are best tackled by going down to the root cause of your problem. Seek to advise from your health care provider to know for certain if you suspect your hair loss may have underlying health causes. Request for an alternative medication if your maintenance drug is causing you to lose more hair than normal.


  • Split Ends. Unhealthy hair ends may arise due to factors ranging from frequent heat styling and rigorous towel drying to poor nutrition and even certain medications. To remedy, make sure to get your hair trimmed at least once every quarter, limit heat and permanent styling, and lessen the frequency of washing your hair. Protect colored hair from chlorine as well. Wear swimming cap when you take a dip in the pool.


  • Dull and Dry Hair.Heredity could be a primary cause but other factors that can worsen hair dryness and dullness could be poor nutrition, poor grooming, and harsh chemicals in your hair care products. Make sure you’re getting ample hair conditioning into your hair to boost moisture content and help lock this into your strands.


  • Thinning Hair.When you notice your hair receding and patches of poor hair growth all over your head, age and heredity can be the major causes but, other possible causes include protein deficiency, chronic stress and lack of sufficient sleep, and certain health conditions including alopecia. There are now several hair growth products and procedures that you can choose from, that include hair grafting and hair transplants.


  • This is, in essence, a scalp problem but one which can cause many adverse effects to your hair health. Dandruff is caused by many factors, including seborrheic dermatitis, product and oil build up, fungi, harsh products, and dry skin.


According to the American Academy of Dermatology, dandruff may be treated with dandruff shampoo while effective prevention involves frequent hair washing and using dandruff shampoo up to twice weekly.




Maintaining your general health improves the health and appearance of your hair. When your body is well-nourished, it shows in your hair too. However, you should not discount the fact that certain medical conditions may be causing your poor hair health. In which case, you should not be afraid to find out the possible underlying causes so that you can get down to the root causes of your worrisome and persistent hair problems.

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