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Importance of online study for a college student

Nowadays, the challenges facing traditional colleges and universities are budget cuts and course shortages. They end up making students search for alternatives. With the internet as the ultimate education resource, and students even getting…

Travelling Abroad With Kids: Our Guide To A Stress-Free Trip

When you are travelling with kids, it can be easy to get very stressed out. You have so many people to handle and travelling is already quite a stressful experience. Of course, families love to travel abroad and it is all worth it once you get to your hotel and are able to relax. As long as you handle the journey well,…



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You are slowly losing track of all the different passwords? You hardly know where to use which password and you have to do a password reset more often? Or worse, you use the same password for multiple online services? Then it's time to think about a login manager such as Logon Expert autologon. But what can these and does a password manager make sense at all?

When choosing a password, each account and service must have a different password. Should a password find its way into the public through a hack or leak, the password for logging in to other services cannot be reused. The damage is limited. If a password is used for all accounts, damage may be incurred even before you hear about the leak.

Unfortunately, this best practice is very complicated and thus hardly applicable. If you are one of the very active people on the Internet, you can quickly accumulate about a hundred logins for different accounts and online services.

Another possibility is storing passwords in the web browser. An option that you can have used until recently. However, this method is uncertain because attackers can easily steal the stored passwords from the browser and use them for fraud and cyberattacks. Even using the same password with slight differences for different accounts is now recognized by online scammers and exploited.

How a secure password should look like, has been discussed by security experts a lot. But how can you remember all the different passwords?

Here a password manager makes sense. These store the login data such as username and password in a personal vault. This vault can be opened via a master password. As a result, you only have to remember one password. Now you just have to find the right password manager for your needs.

A login manager should be able to do the following. Passwords must be stored encrypted. The login manager offers to create random and secure passwords. The whole thing is displayed on a clear surface. Importantly, passwords must be available across all devices. It is not enough if the password manager only runs on your computer. Synchronization between different devices must be offered as well. And there is no better login manager than If you are looking for a way to improve y..., this is the software that you should get since it offers the most value for your money.

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