Does Your Breasts Become Saggy If You Don’t Wear a Bra While Sleeping?

Every one of us fears the day when our breasts will ultimately lose its perkiness and become, er, saggy. For the younger population reading this, you might not be thinking about this yet. For the mature women out there, you might already be noticing some symptoms of sagging.

But whatever your age is, there is no denying the fact that we don’t want this to happen, if it is at all possible. It is inevitable. So, we listen to legends and myths about preventing our boobs from sagging.

Ladies, especially the younger generation, you should educate yourself about which are factual and which are not. Some of the things we hear about can be counter-productive! Yikes! You will be surprised that some of the things you do to prevent sagging may actually cause sagging!

The Myth: Our Breasts Become Saggy When We Don’t Wear a Bra To Sleep

It’s a fact that our boobs look perky when we wear a bra. This is because our breasts take the shape of the bra! We resort to wearing them all the time in fear of losing their perkiness. In fact, some of us just take it off while taking a bath and having sex!

Many ladies believe that wearing a bra at night is like a mold that will hold the breasts and will keep them from drooping. Well, I cannot argue with that common assumption. But the thing is, I hate to break it to you, this is not true!

In fact, this may be accelerating the progression of sagging (Oh no!)! The breast tissue is made up of collagen and elastin. They are held up in place by the Cooper’s ligaments. Wearing a bra may weaken the structure of your boobies.

Picture it this way. When you wear a bra, these tissues and ligaments (whose sole purpose is to keep your breast upright) function minimally. This will lead to the weakening of the tissues! And guess what, the weaker they are, the lower your boobs may get!

The Facts

You may not want to hear this, but, what you put in your mouth affects your whole body. That includes your perky twins. The quality of food we eat highly influence how fast our body ages. In a recent study, it’s found out that the breast tissues age at a faster rate at about 2-3 years ahead of us.

If we abuse our body (alcohol, smoking, unhealthy eating habits, stagnation) we can expect that it will age faster than our peers! And it’s not just diet we are talking about. Have you heard of its famous twin? Yeah, that’s right! We don’t talk about diet without mentioning exercise.

These two health habits will lead you to a better health status and perky boobs! Exercise improves the circulation of the blood in the whole body. If you stick enough with these two, you will also get an awesome beach body!

But this is also where a sports bra will come in handy. Relentlessly bouncing your boobs can cause the breast tissues to weaken. So, when doing cardio or any bouncy routine exercise, it is advised to wear a snug fitting bra to avoid this repetitive bounce.

What Type of Bra Should Wear While Sleeping?

But even if after you have already heard about the myths and the facts, we know you would still want to wear a bra to bed. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry, right? For your information, wearing a bra to bed comes with certain pros and cons like decreased circulation, skin irritation, hyperpigmentation, restlessness and much more.

If you wish to avoid any of these discomforts associated with wearing a bra to sleep, we highly recommended that you give this much thought—what type of bra should I wear to bed? Well, experts claim that the best types of bra to wear to bed are those that will give your breasts the support that they need without restricting them. That’s why the answer to what type of bra should I wear to bed are loose, cotton bras that will allow your breasts to breathe. In addition to that, you should also opt for non-wired bras so the circulation and flow of blood in your body won’t get restricted.

Yes, when it comes to out breasts, we are very much self- conscious and that is totally understandable. After all, no one wants to have sagging breasts even when they reach old age. However, you should still prioritize your health over your appearance above all.

It is important that you learn to decipher the facts from the myths so you can know how you can properly take care of your breasts. In addition to that, you should also be careful in choosing what type of bra you should wear to bed so you can avoid possible health complications and problems associated with such activity. Keep in mind the tips that we have mentioned above and enjoyed perky breasts while staying healthy at the same time.

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