Does your child have an interest you haven’t discovered yet?

Let your child be the best judge of what they wish to do in the future – but help them discover their true calling with a child intelligence test.

Every child is different, with a skill set and aptitude that differ from others. Even two siblings may be worlds apart in terms of interests and temperament. It is important to tap where your child’s real interests lie. You may envision them to be a future engineer or doctor – but what if your dreamy, poetic child revels in writing and reading, or the performing arts?

Children can have difficulty adjusting to doing things that they are not interested in. This is particularly seen when they take up studies that they have little interest in, or low aptitude for. But give a child a subject or activity that they love, and watch them get as creative as possible, for hours.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is allowed to pursue the stream of study that they wish to, and not which they are expected to. The best way to match their study with their skills is to have them undergo psychometric evaluation.

Pyschometric evaluation: Going beyond mere aptitude testing

The most common test for children to find the careers they will do well in, is an aptitude test. However, the aptitude test does not tap key skills – for example, it cannot find out if your child’s interpersonal skills are sharper than their math skills – nor can it identify areas of potential conflict in terms of personality mismatch with a certain stream of study.

It is always better for your child to undergo a detailed psychometric evaluation to find out where your child’s true passions lie, how their interest differs from their aptitude for a certain subject, their cognitive capabilities, areas of behavioural conflict, etc.

An aptitude test might find that your child is suited to scientific research, but not that they will outshine themselves in public relations, for example. Leading insurance providers in India offer free child intelligence tests for you to make a better decision.

How to find your child’s talent with the right child aptitude platform

Leading insurance providers have devised child intelligence tests that find your child’s potential success areas. The results of the test help teachers and parents understand the child’s personality better, and guide the child for the future.

  • Take the free assessment test based on your child’s life stage.
  • Find your child’s talent by discovering their natural mental and emotional orientation.
  • Enrol your child on the child aptitude platform and get a unique personal dashboard to record all their milestones. Keep checking it for assessment reports, and to get personalised advice for your child.

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