Upon us soon is 4th of July where the one thing no one can escape is the sound of fireworks. Many dogs have phobias with the most common being fear of loud noises. For many dogs the reaction to fireworks sets in as stress, panic and fear causing reactions of shivering, hiding, constant crying, panic attacks, and even seizures. Dogs that have a sensitive spot with loud noises in general will find the sound of fireworks excruciatingly frightening causing an even worse reaction then say your average dog, which is why dog owners need to put these dog wellness practices into play and help their dog deal as best he can with noise of fireworks.

For this 4th of July put this dog wellness practice into action by knowing the signs of fear and what to do to help your dog face this difficult and traumatic time of year.

signs of fear and/or panic
  • Pacing
  • Panting
  • Trembling
  • Barking
  • Salivating
  • Trying in desperation to escape. Many dogs are killed or have terrible injuries resulting in being able to escape in their fear. They are hit by cars, break limbs by jumping from too high, not realizing a glass door is closed and running into it. Some bite or attack as well, which can be very dangerous especially for children who don't understand the situation or a simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. One very important dog wellness practice is to ensure your dog is not able to escape in the event he panics to that degree.
What you Can do

1. If you know that you dog has even the slightest upset with loud noises, do not take him to a fireworks display of any kind. It is strongly advised that if you have a new dog and you are not familiar with his reaction to loud noises, that you find a way to test it out before you take the dog to any fireworks show. This test will also help you asses the situation for number two below.

2. If the fireworks can be heard from your home it is best to stay at home with your dog during the fireworks display. Make sure he cannot escape and is in a comfortable location.

3. Do not use petting, soothing words, babying antics, or special attention when the fearful event is taking place. Although this sounds strange, giving your dog too much attention and babying him during this time will only reinforce his fear and make the situation worse for him.

4. It's common knowledge that most dogs are sensitive to their owners' mood, so keep an upbeat, happy, and playful mood to help enforce a positive environment for your dog.

5. Do not leave your dog outside during the fireworks. This would be cruel. Make sure your dog is inside the house with you where he feels safest. Use the help of music or television and make a comfortable hiding place for your dog. Usually, when his fear sets in, he will go and hide somewhere, so take note of the place and make sure it is comfortable.

6. Orchestral music has a very calming effect on stressed out dogs and is highly recommended to help relieve and reduce stress. In fact, dogs prefer orchestral music above any other and many owners play this music for their dogs when left home alone. This type music is soothing to the dogs senses and is a relaxant for them. Play orchestral music throughout the time of the fireworks to help block out the sound and show your dog a more relaxing enjoyable side to fireworks time.

Put this dog wellness practice into action and ensure you and your dog are prepared for loud firework displays. Do your research to determine if any fireworks will be heard in your place of residence, and make the necessary arrangements for your dog. Run a loud noise test with your dog if possible. Be sure your dog is inside the house and that you stay with him through the display of fireworks and ensure his safety and others by ensuring he cannot escape in the event of serious panic. Keep your demeanor upbeat, happy and light and use orchestral music to help relax and soothe your dog.

Always consider pet natural health care for a healthy, happy, vibrant pet and a longer life.

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