I don't lose anything. OK, generally I don't lose anything. When I lost anything, I don't search. I know, it will come back to me by itself. Let me give you some examples. I have true evidence.

yesterday I have lost my hair clip. Please don't laugh. I can start with a simple example. I looked at my bed, it wasn't there neither on my dressing table. I stopped looking for it. Because I knew it will come to me by itself. The next day when I was preparing dinner I found it on the rice cooker. I generally don't touch my hair while cooking, I don't know how it went there, but I'm happy that I found it.

If I don't like any place, I never say that I won't come back here again. Because if I say so, it is a must that I will go back there. It happened to me so many times, that I stay alert on this issue. This thing happened to me about some people too. My life put me in front of them. I'm sure none of us wanted to meet ever.

When I was in grade 5, I use to wear a frock (Uniform) with two pockets. I use to put coins in it to buy something in my break. At the end of the school ground, there was a small shop with cheap products for kids. I use to run to the shop. One day I came back running on the ground and then I saw, I have lost 50 Poisa (Cents). The school ground is quite big and full of grasses. But I can't accept that I had lost something. I had started searching and within 2 seconds I found it. It's a miracle but I knew, I won't lose anything.

There was a huge crowd in front of a window to collect admission forms for admission in Viqarunnisa College. I had taken my form then went out from the main gate and realize, I have lost my pen. I went inside and start looking on the ground. I asked the girls to move a little to check the ground. Girls looked at me with a big surprise when I found my pen within a minute.

But, I'm looking for some people for a long time. Not exactly looking, but deep inside waiting to meet with them. Maybe someday my luck will let me meet with them. I don't know. People and things are not the same.

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