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Dressing for A Golf Game: 5 Simple Steps

Even if it’s not your first time out on the golf course, you probably have some questions about what to wear. You’ve seen other golfers follow a very specific dress code. How can you tell which attire is appropriate? Does the code differ for men and women? Read on to find out.

1.    Find a Golf Shirt

When you are choosing a golf shirt, you don’t necessarily have to go to a special golf apparel store to buy it. Men must wear a shirt that has two things: collar (or mock collar) and sleeves (short or long).  The shirt must be tucked into the pants so make sure it’s rather long so it doesn’t slip out when you are showing your grand skills.

Women have to follow the same rules except for the tucking part. If the design of the shirt implies wearing it over the shorts, you can leave it untucked.

2.    What About Golf Shorts or Pants?

If you decide to wear shorts for your golf game, make sure to learn the limitations:

  • Shorts should be knee length.
  • Shorts should be khaki or tan in color.
  • No denim or athletic styles.

The second and third rules apply to pants as well.

Women have an option of wearing a skirt, which should comply with the knee-length rule. The skirt can’t be shorter than 4 inches (10 cm) above the knee. The color policy for women is relaxed but extremely bright colors are not welcome.

3.    Choose The Shoes

Golf shoes are a part of the gaming equipment. They assist with stabilizing your swing, give your feet good traction, and make you feel comfortable during the long gaming hours. Golf shoes have special spikes. Consider going for soft spikes since traditional metal spikes are not accepted at all golf courses. Choosing golf shoes is a responsible task that can define your whole game. 

4.    Pick the Right Socks

Socks are important to keep your feet comfortable and dry during the game. Both men and women can wear the traditional tube socks or ankle-length socks. The only rule that applies to the socks is that they should be visible above the shoes, even if just a little.

5.    Don’t Forget The Hat

Golf dress code doesn’t say much about the hats as they are not a necessary part of the attire. However, most golfers prefer baseball-style caps or visors to keep the sun from interfering with the aim. Both men and women can also consider straw hats. Other types of hats are not welcome, especially cowboy and gag hats.

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