Housework...the chore every person who hasn't been born with a silver spoon attached to them has to deal with it.  Something dirty, dusty, stinky and disgusting  around, in, on or under their household domain.  I generally can get through my tasks without much difficulty or displeasure but it is the dust that frustrates me.  I can not vacuum it up like crumbs on the floor or push a button and make it disappear like dried on food in the dishwasher  instead, I CHASE IT!  Someone on a different planet coined the phrase "dust bunnies."  Well I am here to tell you...MY DUST DOES NOT  HOP.

I believe that the dust that lives in my home is a cross between a gazelle and a hummingbird.  As I chase the dust around me it seems to move at a tremendous speed and if I do capture it, it sprouts wings and hovers about me.  The last I knew bunnies don't fly, my dust  does.  The only dust critters I have found in my home are the ones who seem to prefer the far corners of in my rooms and they resemble gremlins not bunnies.  Some days I convince myself that I am a "one with Nature" kind of girl and decide to live in harmony with these dust creatures.  This is all fine and dandy until I hear my mother's voice inside of my head.  At 56 I can still be shaken  by thought, "what would the neighbors think?"  I was raised to believe that dust bunnies, dirty windows and wrinkled clothing were a sign that a woman was not doing her job in the home.  Times have changed and my mother has let go of a few of those notions but the damage is done....she has impregnated my mind with this 1950's notion that dust bunnies somehow reflect on me. But for now, just for today I have decided to hold an OPEN HOUSE for ALL dust creatures and their kin.  Let them come and bask in my hospitality for tomorrow I shall attack them with vigor only to realize they apparently have a key to my house.  THEY'LL BE BACK!

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