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In true Easter fashion, I am writing a product review for the PAAS All-In-One Fun Easter Egg Decorating Kit. My daughter, Riley, is 17 months old and so basically, this is her first "true" Easter. My
husband and I decided to let her have a little fun decorating her own
eggs this year and of course, the name PAAS immediately sprang to mind
when we thought about which kit to purchase. I remember decorating my
own Easter eggs with PAAS when I was little and now it was my daughter's

OVERVIEW: PAAS All-In-One-Fun Easter Egg Decorating Kit comes with all you see in the following picture:

  • 6 colored egg dye tablets
  • Wire egg ring
  • Red crayon
  • Loose blue glitter
  • Green glitter glue
  • Clear glue
  • Sequins
  • Beads
  • Stickers
  • Egg drying stand
  • Small brush
  • Egg plastic shrink wrap designs
PAAS Easter Egg Decorating Kit
PAAS Easter Egg Decorating Kit

PRICE: $1.88 at Wal-mart

MY EXPERIENCE: I started to get everything set up outside and ready for Riley to decorate with. She had so many neat things with which to decorate her eggs, I was really surprised at the
value when I saw that the price for this kit was only $1.88. The only
items I needed to have on hand was vinegar. If vinegar or lemon juice
wasn't used, the directions stated that the colors would be more pastel
instead of bright.

I did run into a few things which I believe would make this a much better product, though. First, I had to scour my house for safe cups to use to keep the dye in. I didn't know how much the dye might stain my
cups (which I definitely didn't want) and I wanted something that was
nonbreakable too. I finally found some paper cups that we used to put
the dye in, but I really wish that these would have been in the kit.
Also, I didn't understand how to set up the egg drying stand. I
followed the directions EXACTLY as they were written on the box, but
they seemed incomplete. Here's a picture of the best I could come up,
which I don't believe was right:

Different Easter Egg Dye Colors All Set Up for Easter Egg Decorating
Egg Decorating Stand Malfunction

All Set Up for Some Serious Fun and Serious Egg Decorating!

We got Riley dressed in an old t-shirt of ours and started to dye the eggs. Everything went fine except that the cups I used were too small and so the dye sloshed out everywhere and the wire egg holder was kind
of useless at that point. We had a blast though using all of the
different tools that were provided. I would recommend having maybe a
little more glue in the kit, because after only a few eggs, we were
pretty much out. The glitter and the beads were really pretty and we
really liked the green glitter glue too. We put a few stickers on our
eggs and I was surprised at how sturdy they were and how well they
adhered to the eggs. Decorating eggs with a 17-month old is a hoot to
say the least and Riley really seemed to enjoy running around with the
red crayon and the green glitter glue. She also tried her hand at
dipping the eggs in the cups and liked watching them change colors.

Ready to Decorate

All Ready to Decorate!

Coloring the Eggs

Coloring the Eggs

Riley's Best Egg!

Riley's Best Egg!

Trying Out the Stickers

Trying Out the Stickers

Loving the Crayon and Glue

Loving the Crayon and Glue!

Found a Different Use for the Stickers!

Found a Different Use for the Stickers!

Here's Our Wonderful Eggs!

All Done! We Had Such a Good Time!

All Done! We Had Such a Good Time!

STRENGTHS: The strengths of this kit was how easy it was to use, how inexpensive it was, and how many different decorating options came in the kit, such
as a crayon, glitter, beads, sequins, glitter glue, paint brush, etc.
We also got very vibrant colors from using our own household vinegar
with the dye tabs. The stickers adhered well to the eggs (and to our
faces) too.

WEAKNESSES: I was slightly disappointed that six cups were not included in the kit and I also wish that the egg drying stand would have been functional. I
still don't understand how that thing was supposed to go together,
because the directions were incomplete. I wouldn't mind paying a little
more so that this would be a true "kit". I also found the dye stained
our skin, but I kind of figured that was part of the deal.

BOTTOM LINE: This is a super bargain and a ton of fun. Even though there is a little
room for improvement with this kit, I still gives it 4 stars out of 5!

Happy Easter everyone!

Product Rating 4 Stars

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