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With school starting back for my stepson this week and myself starting a new class I’m all about having super simple things to make for dinner. These easy fried taters are just that and they are so flippen tasty. This is one of my hubbys favorite side dishes; in fact he’s the one who used to make it. His version though was slathered in butter“Oh look there’s not enough butter in the pan; I better add some more!!!” Then one night we were suppose to have them with dinner but he didn’t make it home in time so the job fell on my shoulders :) We were out of butter so I decided to try a healthier option; Olive Oil. As it happens quite often in our house my way was better. So yet again another thing that has been added to my list of things that I’m in charge of cooking, go me. I should really just give up because all I do is just keep creating more work for myself. Sometimes I think that’s the only reason my hubby married me; my excellent cooking skills and the fact that I can keep up after his messy butt :D Enough jib jab and lets get on with this recipe that you have to try!!!

Easy Fried Taters

So when I make these I don’t actually measure the seasonings or anything; I do that a lot just sort of chuck the stuff on there until I think it looks good. Life can’t always be about measuring things, sometimes you just have to wing it and have fun. So I tried as best as I could to pay attention to my amounts so I could give you guys a rough estimate but as always go ahead and change it up to your own liking!!


about 6 medium russet potatoes

1/2 Tbs garlic powder

1 Tbs onion powder

1 tsp seasoning salt

1 1/2 tsp pepper

(we tend to use this mixture of seasonings A LOT in our house)

Approx 4 Tbs olive oil


  1. Cut up the potatoes in thin circles. I have felt so blessed since we got our food processor for Christmas; it used to take me so long to cut them up but now it does all the work for me woo hoo!!!

Easy Fried Taters

2. Next dump the potatoes into a large frying pan, and when I say large I mean LARGEI boughtmy hubby a new one for Christmas for this fact but now I think I use the thing more than he does, oh yeah yay for the perks of what’s yours is mine.

3. Toss on all of the seasonings and olive oil and stir it super duper well so every potato is covered. I’ve bit into an overly seasoned potato because I was in a hurry and let me tell you what that stopped me dead in my tracks.

Easy Fried Taters

4. Turn the burner on medium-high and put a cover on the pan. Your gonna wanna stir it every couple minutes so the bottoms don’t burn but you do want them to get nice and crispy. I do this until I think they look mostly cooked (about 10 minutes) and then I turn the temp down to low, take the cover off, and let them cook for around another 10 minutes or until done making sure to stir them.

That’s really all there is to them, dish them up and dig on in!!!

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